Revised 25/01/2018


George Henry APPLEYARD                 Mary Eliza GREENWOOD STANGER
Born 3 Sep 1886                        Born 1887
  at Holbeck                             at Hunslet Reg. Dist.
Bapt 20 Jun 1888                       Baptised 1 Jul 1888
  at Holbeck St Matthew                  at Hunslet Moor, St Cuthbert

Parents James Midgley/Ada Ann          Parents John GREENWOOD & Tamar STANGER

Married 6 Apr 1912 at Hunslet Moor, St Cuthbert
Iron Moulder of 1 Granville Terrace, Holbeck; bride Weaver of 46 Kirkland Place
(George Henry's father : mechanic)

Witnesses L APPLEYARD             George Henry's sister (Lily)
          F ROBINSON              Lily's fiance (Frank)

Died 1960 (age 73)
  at Leeds Reg. Dist.

Addresses :
1912    Hunslet, 29 Galway Terrace, Hunslet Hall Road
1914    Holbeck, 17 Chelsea Street, Hogg's Field
1926-34          4 Towngate (moulder)

Children :
Ada              b 12/10/12; c 4/11/12 Mint; m. Herbert Wilson
Clarice          b 15/11/14; c 7/12/14 Mint; m. George Herbert Clarkson
George Abraham   b 6/12/17; c 14/1/18 Mint
Mavis Jane       b 9/7/26; c 22/8/26 Mint
Doreen           b 11/5/29; c 2/6/29 Mint
1871 Census  4514-40  Hunslet, 10 Bethel Street
William              Pitchforth H   M 63 lab. in iron works       Elland
Eliza                Pitchforth H   M 64                          West Ardsley
Hannah               Stanger    D   M 37                          Holbeck
William              Stanger    S/L M 42 wheelwright              Hunslet [c 25/7/1830 Sandal
                                                                   s of George/Anne] 
George Brook         Stanger    G/S                               Hunslet
John William         Stanger    G/D                               Hunslet
Eliza                Stanger    G/D - 14 scholar                  York
Thomas               Stanger    G/S - 12 scholar                  Hunslet
Abraham              Stanger    G/S -  9 scholar                  Hunslet
Mary Hannah          Stanger    G/D -  7 scholar                  Hunslet
James Albert         Stanger    G/S -  4 scholar                  Hunslet
Tamar                Stanger    G/D -  3                          Hunslet
1881 Census  4490-101  Hunslet, 10 Bethel Street
Eliza                Pitchforth H   W 74 no occupation            Hunslet
William              Stanger    S/L M 52 wheelwright              Swainby
Hannah               Stanger    D   M 47 wheelwright's wife       Holbeck
George               Stanger    G/S U 28 wheelwright              Hunslet
Abraham              Stanger    G/S U 19 forge man                Hunslet
Mary H               Stanger    G/D U 17 no occupation            Hunslet
James A              Stanger    G/S U 14 errand boy               Hunslet
Tamar                Stanger    G/D U 12 scholar                  Hunslet
Hannah               Stanger    G/D U  2                          Hunslet
1891 Census  3666-4  Leeds, Hunslet, 3 Alpha Terrace
William              Stanger    H   M 62 wheelwright              Swanby
Hannah               Stanger    W   M 57 oil painting             Holbeck
                     and family, including
Hannah               Stangar    Nc    12 scholar                  Leeds
Mary E               STANGAR    NC     3                          Hunslet
1901 Census  4202-164  Leeds, Holbeck, 5 Amblers Yard
Abraham              Stanger    H   M 40 labourer                 Leeds
Sarah Ann            Stanger    W   M 42 cloth weaver             Leeds
Mary E G             STANGER    Nc    13 tailoress                Leeds
1911 Census      Leeds, Holbeck, 7 Recreation Grove
Abraham              Stanger    H   M 50 dyeware grinding logwood Leeds
Sarah Ann            Stanger    W   M 52                          Leeds
Mary Eliza Greenwood STANGER    Nc  U 22 cloth weaver             Leeds