Revised 25/01/2018


George PARKER                           Elizabeth MYERS
Born 12 Jul 1858 [elsewhere 5th]        Born 22 Dec 1864
  at Pudsey                               at Armley

                                        Baptised 16 Apr 1865
                                          at Armley, St Bartholomew

Parents George/Betty                    Parents James/Nancy

Married 14 Aug 1897 at Upper Armley, Christ Church
Foundryman of Pudsey (widower); bride Weaver

Witnesses  James MYERS      Elizabeth's brother
           Edith MYERS      Elizabeth's sister

Died 27 Dec 1943                        Died 7 Mar 1950 (age 85)
  at Pudsey                               at Pudsey, 32 Crawshaw Road

Buried 1943                             Buried 10 Mar 1950
  at Pudsey Cemetery                      at Pudsey Cemetery

Remarks :
George previously married 1. (14 April 1884, Calverley St Wilfrid)
  Eden Grange (age 26, Farsley, dau of John Grange, spinner)

  Eden buried 28/9/1895 Pudsey Cemetery (age 36)

Addresses :
1901     Pudsey, 11 Hutton Terrace (foundryman)
1904     Armley, 4 Christ Church Parade (caretaker)
1950     Pudsey, 32 Crawshaw Road

Children :
Lily Grange    b 19/8/85 Farsley; c 25/10/85 Stanningley Centenary Meths
Sam            b 23/4/89 Pudsey; c 20/3/1904 Upper Armley
Edith Enid     b 1901-Q2 North Bierley RD; c 23/6/1901 Upper Armley; d 1902-Q1 Bramley RD (0);
               buried 20/1/1902 Pudsey Cemetery (8m)


1861 Census 3346-87 Pudsey Lowtown
George      Parker H M 37 mason                   Pudsey
Betty       Parker W M 37                         Pudsey
Rider       Parker S - 17 hand loom w.c.burler    Pudsey
Samuel      Parker S - 15 mule piecer at wln mill Pudsey
Jane        Parker D - 10 scholar                 Pudsey
Rebecca     Parker D -  7 scholar                 Pudsey
Mary A      Parker D -  5 scholar                 Pudsey
George      PARKER S -  3                         Pudsey
Emily       Parker D -  2m                        Pudsey
1871 Census  4507-8  Pudsey, Mitchells Square
George      Parker H M 47 mason                   Parker
Elizabeth   Parker W M 47                         Parker
John        Fowler S M 22 cloth fuller            Parker   [S/L]
Martha      Fowler D M 22                         Parker
Jane        Parker D U 19 silk weaver             Parker
Rebecca     Parker D U 17 stuff weaver            Parker
Mary Ann    Parker D U 14 shoe maker              Parker
George      PARKER S U 13 scholar                 Parker
Emily       Parker D U  9 scholar                 Parker
Sarah       Parker D -  6 scholar                 Parker
Tom         Parker S -  3                         Parker
1881 Census 4482-101 Pudsey Lowtown
George      Parker H M 57 stone mason             Pudsey
Elizabeth   Parker W M 57                         Pudsey
Jane        Parker D U
29 wstd w.c.w              Pudsey
George      PARKER S U 22 stone mason             Pudsey
Emily       Parker D U 20 machinist               Pudsey
Sarah       Parker D U 18 wstd w.c.w              Pudsey
Tom         Parker S - 13 scholar                 Pudsey

George Parker = Eden Grange

1861 Census  3351-108  Armley, 2 Commercial Terrace
John        Holdsworth H   M 51 press setter - cloth   Armley
Harriet     Holdsworth W   M 49                        Armley
Ann         Holdsworth D   U 21 cloth weaver           Armley
Joseph      Holdsworth S   U 17 cloth dresser          Armley
William     Holdsworth S   U 13 scholar                Armley
Ben         Holdsworth S   U 11 scholar                Armley
Harriet     Holdsworth D   U  9 scholar                Armley
Mary        Grange     D   W 27 cloth burler           Leeds
Sarah Ann   Grange     G/D U  4 scholar                Armley
Eden        GRANGE     G/D U  2 scholar                Pudsey
Caroline    Grange     G/D U  8m                       Pudsey
1871 Census  4536  Armley, Ley Lane
Mary        Grange     H   W 37 laundress              Leeds
Sarah Ann   Grange     D   - 14 harden weaver          Armley
Eden        GRANGE     D   - 12                        Pudsey
Caroline    Grange     D   - 10                        Armley
1881 Census  4481  Farsley, Rhodes Building
Mary        Grange     H   W 47 laundress              Leeds
Eden        GRANGE     D   U 22 woollen twister        Bramley
Alfred      Pickard    S/L M 22 boiler maker           Bramley
Caroline    Pickard    D/L M 20                        Pudsey  [D not D/L]
Henry       Pickard    G/S -  3m                       Farsley
1891 Census  3656-45  Pudsey, 28 Wooley? Row
George      PARKER     H   M 32 painter                Pudsey
Eden        PARKER     W   M 32                        Pudsey
Lily Grange Parker     D   -  5 scholar                Farsley
Sam         Parker     S   -  1                        Pudsey

George Parker = Elizabeth Myers

1901 Census  4187-17  Pudsey, 11 Hutton Street
George      PARKER     H   M 43 iron foundryman        Pudsey
Elizabeth   PARKER     W   M 36                        Pudsey
Lily Grange Parker     D   S 18 knotter cloth          Farsley
Sam         Parker     S   - 11                        Pudsey
1911 Census     Upper Armley, 4 Christ Church Parade
George      PARKER     H   M 52 caretaker              Pudsey
Elizabeth   PARKER     W   M 46                        Pudsey
Sam         Parker     S   S 21 pawnbroker's caretaker Pudsey