Revised 25/01/2018


George Thompson WOODSON                Ann BOLLAND
Born 4 Jun 1798                        Born 17 Aug 1788
  at Leeds, Kirkgate                     at Leeds, Vicar Lane

Bapt 19 Aug 1798                       Baptised 17 Sep 1788
  at Leeds, St Peter                     at Leeds, St Peter

Parents William/Jane                   Parents John/Phebe

Married 1 Nov 1820 at Leeds, St Peter
Merchant Clerk

Witnesses Nathaniel BOOTH         -
          Robt HARGRAVE           parish clerk

Died 21 Nov 1866 (age 68)              Died 29 Jun 1871 (age 83)
  at Leeds, 10 Francis Street            at Leeds, 24 Francis Street

Bu'd 24 Nov 1866 (grave 4010)          Buried 3 Jul 1871 (grave 4010)
  at Leeds, Woodhouse Cemetery           at Leeds, Woodhouse Cemetery
Will : George Thompson made his Will 27th July 1866. 
Household furniture, wearing apparel, books, plates, pictures, china
horses and carts, all money about the house and on his person, all
monies invested, to my dear wife Ann WOODSON 
Will: Ann WOODSON made her Will 21st September 1867.
Dwellinghouse with the stable outbuildings &c (at present
in occupation of Mr TANNETT) to my nephew James RIPLEY;
To niece Ann Susannah GAMBLE, 600
To nephew William Bolland RIPLEY, 600
To cousin (of my late husband) George WOODSON 50
Residue divided equally between nephew James RILEY, niece Ann HARRISON,
and niece Eliza THACKRAY

Addresses :
1822    Leeds, Stanley's Yard  Lady Lane
1826-30        Templars' Street (merchant)
1830           4 Mill Hill (super cloth mfr)
1834           19 Boar Lane (woollen cloth merchant)
1837-43        18 Boar Lane (cloth merchant)
1849    Potternewton, Cowper Street (of Wm Woodson & Co)
1851                                (retired woollen merchant)
1861                  Francis Street (retired woollen cloth merchant)
1870-71                              (Ann, widow)

Censuses :
1841 Census  1346/4-19  Leeds, Boar Lane
George   Woodson 40 cloth merchant
Ann      Woodson 45
Caroline Bolland 15 f.s.

1851 Census  2316-8  Potternewton, Cowper Street
George Thompson Woodson H  M 52 retired wln merchant Leeds
Ann             Woodson W  M 54                      Leeds
Ann             Bolland Sv - 15 house servant        Leeds
Eliza           Bolland V  - 14 scholar              Leeds

1861 Census  3357-122  Potternewton, Francis Street (pa. Chapeltown)
George T Woodson H  M 62 retired wln cloth merchant Leeds
Anne     Woodson W  M 66                            Leeds
Eliza    Bolland Nc U 22                            Leeds

1871 Census  4576-30  Leeds, Francis Street (pa. St Clement)
William D Harrison H    M 37 retired confectioner  ***   Twickenham  -
Annie     Harrison W    M 35                             Leeds
          and family  plus :
Ann       Woodson  Au   W 85! income from rent of houses Leeds
Sarah     Bolland  Mr/L W 68 annuitant                   Leeds
         [ *** William Davies Harrison]