Revised 25/01/2018


Gerard Hutchinson STUBBS               Alice HIBBITT
Born 1829                              Born 1834
  at Barrow (RUT)                        at Exton (RUT)

                                       Baptised 16 Mar 1834
                                         at Exton, St Mary Virgin

Parents Henry/Betsy                    Parents William/Mary

Married 24 Jun 1856 at Cottesmore (RUT), St Nicholas
Carpenter of Barrow (widower); bride Servant
(Gerard Hutchinson's father : carpenter; bride's father : labourer)

Witnesses Thomas BLOODWORTH
          Elizabeth Burton PARKER

Died 8 Jan 1879 (age 50)               Died 30 Jan 1911 (age 76)
  at Cottesmore                          at Barrow (RUT)

Remarks :
Gerard Hutchinson previously married 1. Elizabeth Stevenson

Addresses :
1861    Barrow (carpenter)
1881           (Alice, carpenter's widow)
1891           (Alice, widow)
1901           (Alice, widow)

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Henry William    b 14/6/58 Barrow; m. Emma Jane Ofield
Mary Betsey      b 26/4/60 Barrow; m. Charles Maddison
Emma Ann         b 6/1/62 Barrow; m. William Hiley Lees
Thomas Gerard    b 6/1/64 Barrow; m. Annie Sharpe
Fanny Alice      b 6/9/67 Barrow; m. Robert Catterson
Hetty Mary       b 28/1/71 Barrow; m. Olliffe Thorpe
Frank Levi       b 30/10/72 Barrow; m. Ethel Kate King
Alfred Henry     b 28/5/76 Barrow; m1. Annie Pask; m2. Catherine Anne Ofield

Censuses :
1841 Census  894/5-14  Exton (RUT)
William Hibbitt 30 ag lab    Y
Mary    Hibbitt 25           Y
Alice   Hibbitt  7           Y
Charles Hibbitt  4           Y
Levi    Hibbitt  2           Y
Susan   Hibbitt 15 months    Y
Ann     Hibbitt 65 charwoman Y

1851 Census  2092-127  Exton
William Hibbitt H M 43 ag lab Exton
Mary    Hibbitt W M 36        Exton
        plus family  but no Alice

1861 Census  2305-50  Barrow (RUT)
Gerard H Stubbs H  M 32 carpenter       Barrow
Alice    Stubbs W  M 27                 Exton
Henry W  Stubbs S  -  2                 Barrow
Mary B   Stubbs D  - 11m                Barrow
Betsey   Stubbs Mr W 70 b... & publican Tottenham MDX

1871 Census  TO BE LOCATED

1881 Census  3186-10  Barrow
Alice  Stubbs H W 47 carpenter's widow Exton
Henry  Stubbs S U 22 ag lab            Barrow
Thomas Stubbs S - 17 ag lab            Barrow
Fanny  Stubbs D - 13 scholar           Barrow
Hetty  Stubbs D - 10 scholar           Barrow
Frank  Stubbs S -  8 scholar           Barrow
Alfred Stubbs S -  4 scholar           Barrow

1891 Census  2547-9  Barrow
Alice      Stubbs H W 57 -      Exton
Thos       Stubbs S S 27 ag lab Barrow
Frank Levi Stubbs S S 18 ag lab Barrow
Alfred Hy  Stubbs S - 14 ag lab Barrow

1901 Census  3014-13  Barrow  NEXT DOOR TO ANNIE PASK
Alice  Stubbs H W 67 -          Exton
Frank  Stubbs S S 28 ord ag lab Barrow
Alfred Stubbs S S 24 ord ag lab Barrow

1901 Census  1318-63  Watford (HRT), 25 Queens Road
William H Lees   H    M 38 fruiter & florist Reading BRK
Emma A    Lees   W    M 38                   Barrow RUT
          and others  incl :
Hetty M   Stubbs Sr/L S 30                   Barrow