Revised 25/01/2018


Gerard Hutchinson STUBBS               Elizabeth STEVENSON
Born 1829                              Born 1828
  at Barrow (RUT)                        at Carlby (LIN)

Parents Henry/Betsy                    Parents Jonathan/Frances

Married 1853 at Carlby (LIN)

Died 8 Jan 1879 (age 50)               Died (about August)1854
  at Cottesmore                          at Oakham Reg. Dist.

Remarks :
Elizabeth presumably died as the result of child-birth
Gerard Hutchinson afterwards married 2. Alice Hibbitt

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Alfred Henry     b 1854 Barrow; d 1854 Barrow; buried 7/12/54 Cottesmore

Censuses :
1841 Census  616/2-8  Carlby (LIN)
Jonathan  Stevenson 50 farmer       Y
Frances   Stevenson 40!             Y
Thomas    Stevenson 15              Y
William   Stevenson 15              Y
Elizabeth Stevenson 15              Y
Francis   Stevenson  9              Y
Jonathan  Stevenson  6              Y
Rachel    Stevenson  4              Y
Colwin    Stevenson  9m             Y    [or Edwin?]

1851 Census  2095-565  Carlby, down Street
Jonathan   Stevenson H M 58 farmer Carlby
Fanny      Stevenson W M 56        Wittering NTH
Thomas     Stevenson S U 26        Carlby
William    Stevenson S U 24        Carlby
Fanny      Stevenson D U 20        Carlby
Jonathan   Stevenson S - 16        Carlby
Elizabeth  Stevenson D U 23        Carlby
Rachel Ann Stevenson D - 14        Carlby
Edwin      Stevenson S - 10        Carlby  [or Colwin?]
           plus 1 lodger