Revised 25/01/2018


Gill BODDY                             Fannie WHITHAM
Born 1825                              Born 1838
  at Grewelthorpe                        at Kirkstall

Bapt 9 Apr 1825                        Baptised 9 Dec 1838
  at Kirkby Malzeard, St Andrew          at Kirkstall, St Stephen

Parents Gill/Elizabeth                 Parents Joseph/Harriet

Married 16 Sep 1858 at Burley, St Matthias
Merchant of Leeds; bride (age 20)
(Gill's father : merchant; bride's father : iron master)

Witnesses John MARTIN
          Eliz Susannah MARTIN
          Frederick Horatio BAN

Died 24 May 1882 (age 55)              Died 8 Apr 1911 (age 72)
  at Garston, Aigburth, Holmfield        at Toxteth Reg. Dist.

Bu'd 30 May 1882                       Buried 12 April 1911
  at Halewood, St Nicholas               at Halewood, St Nicholas
Will : Gill BODDY of Liverpool, Merchant, made his Will 22nd March 1880.
His bequests were:
Sister-in-law Sarah THRELFALL, wife of John THRELFALL, 500
Niece Magdalen Harriet PORRIT 500
each Godchildren Francis WHITHAM, Edith MARTIN 500
Wife Fanny BODDY an immediate 500 out of my legacy of 1000
Household furniture &c to my wife Fanny BODDY
Residue shared between my wife, Joseph W. SEDGWICK Merchant, Charles 
Courtenay DEANE Gentleman, to be invested etc, to provide for:
Sister Betsey SMITH, wife of Thomas SMITH of Low Moor, 5000
Will : Fanny BODDY, widow, of 25 Greenheys Road, Prince's Park, Liverpool,
dated 19th November 1907. Bequests to:
Nice Magdalen Henriette PORRITT, Water colour drawing by Ellen Clacey
and oil painting of my old dog
Great-niece and God-daughter Mary Dawson GIBBONS small silver tea pot,
hot water jug, sugar basin, cream jug, six tea spoons in a case
Nephew and God-son Herbert DAWSON gold watch and chain
Nephew John DAWSON silver cup
Sister Sarah THRELFALL residue of my jewellery and wearing apparel, table
and be linen
John WHITHAM and Lawrence Pierce GIBBONS by real estate and personal 
estate residue
Sister-in-law Betsy SMITH, the 5000 outstanding (by agreement) from my 
late husband's will
Niece Magdalen Henriette PORRITT, 500
Nephew and God-son Herbert DAWSON, 500
Niece Ethel GIBBONS, 500
Niece Alice GREAVES, 500
Nephew and God-son Francis James WHITHAM, 500
Niece Edith Mary WHITHAM, 500
Niece Mabel Agnes WHITHAM, 500
Nephew Joe WHITHAM,500
Children of my deceased nephew Benjamin Percy DAWSON, in equal shares 500
Great-niece and God-daughter Mary Dawson GIBBONS, 300
Nephew John DAWSON, 500
Nephew John WHITHAM, 100
Lawrence Pierce GIBBONS, husband of my niece Ethel GIBBONS, 100  
Friend Lucy SEDGWICK of Pipers Lane, Heswall, 50
Various Hospitals, and benefited

Addresses :
1861    Leeds, Burley Village (foreign produce merchant)
1862           Burley
1863           Burley Hill
1866    Liverpool (merchant)
1871    Garston, Aigburth, 7 Holmfield Road (merchant, mostly provision)
1882             Holmfield (merchant)
1907    Liverpool Prince's Park, 25 Greenheys Road (widow)
1911                             25 Greenheys Road (widow)
1841 Census  1344/1-26  Kirkstall, Church Lane
Joseph          Whitham         40 millwright & engineer
Harriet         Whitham         40
John            Whitham         15
Sarah           Whitham         11     [m. John Threlfall]
James           Whitham          9
Joseph          Whitham          7
Ann             Whitham          6
Harriet         Whitham          4
Fanny           WHITHAM          2
Elizabeth       Scott           15 f.s.
1851 Census  2315-387  Burley, Old Road, Wanstead Place (pa. Kirkstall)
Joseph          Whitham  H    M 50 millwright, Alderman        Kirkstall
Harriet         Whitham  W    M 53                             Horsforth
Sarah           Whitham  D    U 21                             Kirkstall
James           Whitham  S    U 19 farmer                      Kirkstall
Joseph          Whitham  S    - 17 millwright                  Kirkstall
Ann             Whitham  D    - 16                             Kirkstall
Fanny           WHITHAM  D    - 12 scholar                     Kirkstall
1861 Census  3354-22  Leeds, Burley Village
Gill            BODDY    H    M 32 foreign produce merchant    Conistone
Fannie          BODDY    W    M 22                             Kirkstall
Harriet         Whitham  Mr/L W 63 fund holder                 Horsforth
John            Boddy    Vis  M 42 provision merchant & grocer Ripon
Mary            Boddy    Vis  M 41                             Otley
Elizabeth       Edwards  Sv   U 26 cook                        Woodside  PEM
Mary            Todd     Sv   U 21 housemaid                   Farnley in Leeds
1871 Census  3852-97  Garston (LAN), Aigburth, 7 Holmfield Road
Gill            BODDY    H    M 45 merchant mostly provision   Ripon YKS
Fanny           BODDY    W    M 32                             Leeds YKS
      plus servants
1881 Census not found
1891 Census  2940-36  Liverpool (LAN), Toxteth Park, Eastfield
Fanny           BODDY    H    W 52 living on own means         Kirkstall YKS
Mary B          Welfal   Vis  S 20                             Southport LAN 
Elizabeth       Williams Sv   S 39                             Wales
Charlotte K     Irvine   Sv   S 29                             Scotland
1901 Census
1911 Census       Liverpool (LAN), 25 Greenheys Road
Fanny           BODDY    H    W 72 private means               Kirkstall YKS
Lydia           Lyon     Sv   S 50 cook                        Wavertree LAN
Sarah Elizabeth Nesbit?  Sv   S 37 housemaid                   Edge Hill, Liverool LAN 
    [Fanny died 8 days after making out this census return]