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[VAUX441] Harold de Vallibus.

[VAUZ452] Robert de Vallibus (younger son of Harold) is dealt with under VAUX.

[VAUX451] Hubert de Vallibus, commonly called Vaux, (elder son of [VAUX441] Harold de Vallibus from Normandy).

William the Conqueror dispossessed the Thane of Gilsland to reward a Norman henchman, Hubert de Vallibus, who took over the Thane's castlesteads (1070), and later handed them over to his son Robert, who founded the Priory at Lanercost (1166).

Hubert married Gracia, and was the 1st Feudal Lord of Gilsland. (Hubert had a younger brother, [VAUZ452] Robert de Vallibus, see VAUX).

[VAUX462] Beatrice de Valle (daughter of Hubert) almost certainly married (c.1174) [BRIG451] Sir William II Briguerre (see BRIGUERRE).

The following item appeared on a Website:

The following information was supplied by Curt Hofemann ( Beatrice de Valle (or Vaux), wife of William Briwerre, was almost certainly the daughter of Hubert de Vaux, baron of Gilsland, Cumberland, by his wife, Grace. The evidence for this is slim but compelling. Beatrice had property in Devonshire as her maritagium. The early history of this property is shrouded. However, Hubert de Vaux is known to have owned property in Devonshire, and probably lived there during part of his life. Beatrice de Valle had a daughter Grace Briwerre who I presume was named for her mother, Grace de Vaux. Grace was rather rare as a woman's name in that period. I have proven that William Briwerre acquired property from one of Beatrice's Vaux brothers and I have proven that William Briwerre was involved in a suit with the widow of another brother. If nothing else, this proves that the two families knew each other well. I should also note that Beatrice de Valle was almost certainly the mother of Henry Fitz Count, bastard son of Reginald, Earl of Cornwall. This is indicated by two successive charters which unfortunately I don't have in hand. In these two charters, Henry Fitz Count makes a gift to some religious house and in the next charter, Beatrice's Briwerre son refers back to his "brother" without naming him, as if the parties understood who he meant. This would only make sense if the two charters were recorded at the same time and if Henry Fitz Count was the "brother" named by Beatrice's Briwerre son. The charters are published in Monasticon Exoniensis. The name Vaux, by the way, was usually written in Latin as Vallibus but I have seen it on rare occasions as Valle. Beatrice's maiden name is given as Valle in one charter I have seen. Numerous listings on Rootsweb Worldconnect show the above Reginald (de Dunstanville), Earl of Cornwall (bastard son of Henry I by Sybil Corbet) as Beatrice de Valle/Vaux's father & Beatrice Mortaigne/Mortain or Beatrice FitzRichard as her mother, but sources are lacking.

 [VAUX461] Randolph de Vaux (son of Hubert) was 3rd feudal Lord of Gilsland (1195, succeeding his elder brother Robert who was 2nd Lord). He married Alice. He died 1198.

 [VAUX471] Robert de Vaux, 4th feudal Lord of Gilsland (1199), married Maud. After Robert died, Maud married 2. William Everard.

[VAUX481] Hubert de Vaux, 5th feudal Lord of Gilsland, married Aline. After Hubert died, Aline married 2. Geoffrey de Say.

[VAUX492] Maud de Vaux (youngest daughter & heiress of Hubert) married [MULT462] Thomas de Multon (see GILSLAND (MULTON) FEUDAL LORDSHIP below).


[MULT431] Lambert de Multon, of Spalding (Lincs), held Multon and Weston from Spalding Priory, married --- (daughter of Robert ---). He died c.1166-67.

[MULT441] Thomas de Multon (born c.1150, eldest son & heir) married Eleanor de Boston de Moulton. He died c.1198.

[MULT452] Thomas I de Multon, near Spalding (Lincs), married 1 (c.1190) Sarah de Flete (daughter of Richard de Flete). Thomas was High Sheriff of Lincolnshire (1205-08), Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, High Sheriff of Cumberland (1233-36). After Sarah died, Thomas then married 2. (without the king's licence, March 1218) [MORB453] Ada de Morville (daughter & coheiress of Richard, see MORVILLE), and thereby became Lord de Lucy. Ada had previously married 1. (c.1200-04) Richard de Lucy of Egremont (died 1213). Thomas was Sheriff of Cumberland (1233), and died 1240.

[MULT462] Thomas II de Multon (son of Thomas & heir & Ada), of Burgh upon Sands (Cumbs), married [VAUX492] Maud de Vaux (daughter of Lord Hubert, see GILSLAND (VAUX) FEUDAL LORDSHIP above). He was Forester of Cumberland (before 1252), and became 6th feudal Lord of Gilsland, and died before January 1271.

[MULT473] Aline of Gilsland (daughter of Thomas II) married [BRAM471] Marcher Lord William of Gower (see BREWOSE BARONY).

[MULT472] Thomas de Multon (son & heir of Thomas II). He died before 1293.

[MULT482] Thomas de Multon (son & heir of Thomas) married Isabel. He died 12th February 1294-95, and afterwards Isabel married 2. Sir John de Castre. She died some time after 1328.

[MULT492] Thomas de Multon (born c.1282, son & heir of Thomas), 1st Lord Multon of Gilsland, married [MAUL492] Margaret de Mauley (daughter of Lord Piers, see MAULEY LORDSHIP). Thomas died 1313-14.

[MULT504] Margaret de Multon (born 20th July 1300, only child of Thomas), 2nd Baroness of Multon (1314), married [DACE501] Baron Randulph of Dacre, see DACRE).