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Following the conquest by Robert FitzHamon (1093) the Welsh kingship of Morgannwg became the Norman lordship of Glamorgan

[GLWY151] Nynnio (born 525, ab [GLAM231] King Erp, see GLAMORGAN KINGDOM).

[GLWY161] Llywarch (born 550, ap Nynnio).

[GLWY171] Tewdrig (born 575, ap Llywarch).

[GLWY181] Meurig III (born 590, ap Tewdrig ap Llywarch ap Nynnio ab Erp).

[Alternatively, Meurig III was ap Tewdric ap Teitfal ap Idnerth, ab Erp].

Meurig married [GLAM272] Onbrawst (daughter of King Gwrgan mawr, see GLAMORGAN KINGDOM).

[GLWY191] Arthwys II (born 620, ab Meurig), possibly married Cenedlon (ferch Briafael Frydig).

[GLWY201] Morgan II mawr (born 650, ap Arthwys II).

[GLWY211] Ithael/Judhael II (born 690, ab Morgan II mawr).

[GLYW231] Rhys I (born 725, ap Ithael II), is dealt with below under SECOND LINE.

[GLWY221] Morgan III (ap Ithael II).

[GLWY231] Ithael III (ap Morgan III).

[GLWY241] Fernfael I (ab Ithael).

[GLWY251] Arthwys III (ap Fernfael I), King of Glamorgan.

[DYFE261] Bledri/Bleiddig of Glamorgan (ab Arthwys III) is described under DYFED KINGS.


[GLYW231] Rhys I (born 725, ab [GLWY211] Judhael/Ithael II, see above), King in Glywysing.

[GLYW241] Arthfael II hen [=old] (born c.760, ap Rhys), a prince, probably in Glywysing and Gwent, married Brawstudd ferch Gloud of Buellt.

[GLYW251] Rhys II (born 795, ab Arthfael II), a prince in Glywysing. [Some sources omit this generation, and instead show Hywel II as ab Arthfael II hen].

[GLYW261] Hywel II (born 840, ap Rhys) married [CASZ262] Lleucu (considered by Bartrum to be possibly ferch [CASX251] Enflew, see CASANAUTH WLEDIG). Hywel was King of Glywysing. He died c.886.

[GLYW271] Owain I (born c.885, ap Hywel ap Rhys) married [GWYN294] Nest (ferch Rhodri mawr, see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1)). He died c.930.

[GLYW281] Morgan mawr [=the great] (latterly Morgan hen) (ab Owain) was King of Glywysing (930-74). He died 974.

[GLYW292] Lleucu (ferch Morgan mawr) married [GWY8291] Seferws (ap Cadwr ap Cadwr Wenwyn, see GWYNEDD (8)).

[GLYW291] Idwallon II (born c.940, ap Morgan mawr).

[GLYW301] Ithel V ddu (born c.970, ab Idwallon).

[GLYW311] Gwrgan/Gwrgant IV (ab Ithel) was King of Glywysing (1033-42).

[GLYW322] Efa (ferch Gwrgan ab Ithel) had a relationship with [GWY8331] Cadwgon (ab Elystan, see GWYNEDD (8)).

[GLYW321] Iestyn (ap Gwrgant), ruled Glamorgan following the death of Caradog ap Gruffydd (slain 1080). He died 1093.

Nesta (ferch Iestyn) married Einion (ap Collwyn, see EINION AP COLLWYN below).


Einion (ap Collwyn) married [GLYW332] Nesta (daughter of Iestyn ap Gwrgant, see GLYWYSING & MORGANNWG KINGDOMS above). According to tradition, Einion quarrelled with his father-in-law[GLYW321] Iestyn ap Gwrgant, and as a result invited the Anglo-Normans to invade Glamorgan (1093).

According to "Welsh Biography Online" his pedigree is in doubt, with the principal versions being:

Einion was a son of Collwyn [Gollwyn] ap Gwaethfoed of Ceredigion; or

Einion was a son of Cadifor [Cydifor] ap Collwyn of Dyfed; or

Einion's father, Collwyn, was nephew of Angharad (ferch Ednowain [Ednywain] ap Bleddyn of Ardudwy, and mother of [GLYW321] Iestyn ap Gwrgant); or

Einion was a man of Gwynedd who migrated to Glamorgan.

The traditions about Einion and the families of the Glamorgan uplands who claimed descent from him, are recounted in Traddodiad Llenyddol Morgannwg (Prof. Griffith John Williams, 1948).

But according to "Lewis Patriarchs of Early Virginia and Maryland" (Robert J. C. K. Lewis, 1998), [FLEW541] Sir Lewis FitzJohn (see FITZLEWIS) was descended from Einion ap Gollwyn [and thus of Gollwyn ap Tangno ap Cadfael ap Llud ap LLew ap Llyminod Angel ap Pasgen, which then becomes a dead end for reasons explained by Bartrum].