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[GRAN311] Gervase de Grantmesnil (born c.977).

[GRAN321] Robert I de Grantmesnil & Calvados married [ECHA322] Hawise d'Echauffour (see ECHAUFFOUR). He died 1054, and afterwards Hawise married 2. William (son of Count Robert of Evreux and Archbishop of Rouen, see EVREUX COUNTY). He was killed in battle (18th June 1036). Hawise eventually became a nun at Montivilliers.

[GRAN331] Hugh I (born 1032, son of Robert) married [BEAS332] Adeliza de Beaumont (born 1035, daughter of Count Yves, see BEAUMONT-SUR-OISE).

Hugh was Custodian of Neufmarche (1060), but exiled (1061) on false accusations by Mabel, the wife of Roger de Montgomery, and became an Abbot in Sicily. He was recalled (1064), fought at the Battle of Hastings (1066), was Custodian of Winchester (1067-69), later established at Leicester; was Seneschal [Steward] of England, Castellan and Sheriff of Leicestershire (1086) and was a large landholder in England at the Domesday Survey, with land in Gloucs, Herts, Leics, Northants, Warks, Suffolk and Notts, whilst his wife, Adeliza, also held land in her own right in Beds, Herts, Leics and Warks.

Hugh afterwards became a monk at Saint-Evroult Abbey in Normandy, where he died 22nd February 1098. His estates were divided between two of his sons: Robert (Norman lands) and Ivo (English lands). Adeliz died at Rouen (11th July 1091).

[GRAN343] Agnes/Margaret de Grandmesnil (daughter of Hugh I) married [SAYY071] William (see SAYE OF AUNAY).

At this point all that can be said with certainty is that Petronilla was the great-granddaughter of Hugh I, which leaves a hundred years to bridge (1032-1134). As Petronilla was heiress of the Norman honour of Grandmesnil, it seems more likely she was descended from Robert (who acquired the Norman lands) rather than his brother Ivo (who acquired the English lands). Robert is said to have died without male issue, but had a daughter Agnes, and it is even suggested Petronilla was the daughter of this Agnes. This is all speculation and the answer is unlikely to surface. The next two entries therefore follow the "Norman line".

[GRAN341] Robert II (born before 1060, eldest son of Hugh I) received lands in Normandy. He married 1. Agnes (daughter of Ranulph de Bayeux, 4th Earl of Chester), died c.1098-1105; then 2. [DEST433] Emma (widow of Sire Errand d'Harcourt, daughter of Robert I de Stuteville, see STUTEVILLE); then 3. Lucy (daughter of Savary FitzCana). Robert died 1st June 1136.

[GRAN352] Agnes (born probably c.1115, daughter of Robert, but mother not known, though the last wife (Lucy) could be a possibility bearing in mind Robert's likely age when Agnes was born) married [GRAX352] Robert de Moulins-la-Marche (son of Guillaume de Moulins-la-Marche, Normandy, by Aubree [Agnes]).

[GRAX362] Petronilla (born 1134, "heiress of the Norman honour of Grandmesnil, great granddaughter of Hugh de Grandmesnil", and daughter of [GRAX352] Robert de Moulins-la-Marche & Agnes [Aubree]) married (c.1155) [BEAM372] Earl Robert (see LEICESTER (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM). The version that she was the daughter of Hugh is apparently incorrect. "Medlands" records: It is also possible that she was the daughter of Agnes, daughter of Robert de Grantmesnil. Considering that Orderic Vitalis does not name Hugues (supposed brother of Agnes) although he is so thorough in naming other members of this family, this may be the most likely possibility.


[GRAZ301] Guillaume de Grandmesnil married [VALS312] Sprotte de Crepy (daughter of Gauthier le blanc, see VALOIS).

[GRAZ312] Sprotte de Grandmesnil (daughter of Guillaume) married [ARGO311] Charles d'Argouges (see ARGOUGES).