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[GRST191] Sigulf (born c.968), of Nunburnholme, Yorks. He died 1010.

[GRST201] Forne (born c.998), of Nunburnholme, was said to be the King's thegn. He is said to have died 1086.

[GRST211] Sigulf (born c.1028), of Nunburnholme, was the King's thegn. [He died 1086.]

[GRST221] Forne Sigulfsson/FitzLyulph (born c.1048), feudal Lord of Greystoke (Cumbs), granted to him by [BAYE331] Earl Ranulph of Chester (see CHESTER EARLDOM), married Alditha FitzForne, Lady of Greystoke. He died 1129-30.

[GRST232] Edith (born at Greystoke, [c.1068], daughter of Forne) was mistress to King Henry I, and afterwards married [OILL231] Robert (see OILLI, below).

[ULDA431] Adam FitzLiulf [born c.1090, possibly son of Forne], is dealt with under BONKYL (ULDALE)

[GRST231] Lord Forne FitzLyulph (born c.1048), Lord of Greystoke, married Alditha, Lady of Greystoke

[GRST241] Lord Ives de Greystoke (born c.1080) married Agnes.

[GRST251] Walter FitzIvo de Greystoke (born c.1106) married Beatrice de Folketon of Grimthorpe (born c.1110).

[GRST262] Alice Greystoke (born c.1130, daughter of Walter FitzIvo de Greystoke & Beatrice) married [DUNB372] Edgar of Dunbar, the Dauntless, (see DUNBAR).



[OILL211] Ralph d'Oilly, of Ouilly Basset, Normandy.

[OILL221] Ralph I d'Oilly (eldest son of Ralph), married (c.1066-67) Ealdgyth (daughter of Wigod of Wallingford).

[OILL232] Matilda (daughter of Ralph I), married (c.1084) Miles Crispin (tenant-in-chief at Wotone [later Royal Wootton Basset], Wilts).

[OILL222] Nigel d'Oilly (younger son of Ralph, and male heir to his brother Ralph I) married Agnes. He died c.1120.

[OILL231] Robert II d'Oilly married (1120) [GRST232] Edith of Greystoke (former mistress of King Henry I, and daughter of Forne, see GREYSTOKE above). At the Domesday Survey, Robert held land as tenant-in-chief to the King, in Beds, Berks, Bucks (where he himself held High Wycombe from his wife's fief), Gloucs, Herts, Northants, Oxon and Warks. Robert was at one time Sheriff of Warks, Oxon and (perhaps) Berks, and Constable of Oxford Castle. From this it may be assumed that the d'Oilly family were successive Lords of the Manor of High Wycombe.

[OILL242] Edith (born c.1112, daughter of Robert) married [BAS1451] Gilbert, Justice of England, (see BASSET).

[OILL243] Alice (born c.1145, daughter of Robert) married [MAND374] Ernulf de Mandeville (see ESSEX (MANDEVILLE) EARLDOM).