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There is an absence of entirely reliable information concerning this family, and the dates do not entirely agree.
The alleged marriage of the first Gerard most likely relates to the second Gerard, as I have here shown.

[GUEL311] Seigneur --- d'Antoing m. --- de Gelre
. [GUEL321] Gerard I d'Antoing m. ?
. . [GUEL331] Count Gerard II of Teisterbant & Wasserburg m. ?
. . . [GUEL341] Heinrich m. ?
. . . . [GUEL351] Count Gerard II of Guelders & Wasserburg m. [BARL362] --- de Bar-le-Duc
. . . . . [GUEL362] Yolande de Guelders m1. [HAIN361] Count Baldwin III of Hainault
. . . . . [GUEL363] Jutta de Guelders m. [LIMB351] Duke Waleran II of Lower Lorraine

[GUEL311] Seigneur --- d'Antoing married (965) --- (daughter of Gottfried, who ruled over Gelre).

[GUEL321] Gerard I d'Antoing (born c.966), died c.1024.

[GUEL331] Gerard II flamens [=ruddy] von Heinsberg-Falkenberg (born c.1000), Bishop of Utrecht (but elsewhere said to have been only a vassal of the Bishop of Utrecht), Count of Teisterbant, Count of Wasserburg (c.1050). He died c.1053.

[GUEL341] Heinrich, died after 1085. [Another source shows as Deitrich, who was the brother of Heinrich.]

[GUEL351] Gerard III flamens (born c.1053-63) was Count of Wasserburg, and 1st Count of Guelders (1118-31). He married [BARL362] --- ([born c.1066], daughter of [BARL351] Count Thierry I de Bar-le-Duc, whose marriage took place in 1065, see BAR-LE-DUC).

Regarding his alleged subsequent marriage to Clementia:

"Her supposed second marriage to Gerard III Graf van Geldern is based on a falsified document purporting to be the foundation act for the monastery of Schiffenberg in 1129."

He died at Wasserburg (c.1138).

[GUEL362] Yolande (born c.1090, daughter of Gerard) married 1. (1107) [HAIN361] Count Baldwin III (see HAINAULT COUNTY), died 1120; then 2. Vicomte Godefroi de Valenciennes.

[GUEL363] Jutta (daughter of Gerard) married (c.1110) [LIMB351] DUKE WALERAN OF LOWER LORRAINE (see LIMBURG COUNTY).