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There is no apparent connection between the first Count, Sigefroi, and [DANE291]  Gottfried of Haithabu, who was killed in 885.

[GUIS301] Sigefroi (born c.905, of unknown origin), 1st Count of Guisnes (928), married (c.960-65) [FLAN303] Elstrude (daughter of Count Arnoul, see FLANDERS COUNTY), who died c.965, though the chronicles of Sancto Bertini state the couple were never actually married. Elstrude could have died 966.

[GUIS311] Ardolf (born after his father had died, 966), 2nd Count of Guisnes, married [BOUE312] Mathilde (born c.980, daughter of Ernicule, see BOULOGNE COUNTY).

[GUIS321] Raoul/Rodolphe (born c.1005), 3rd Count of Guisnes, married [SPOL332] Rosella de Saint-Pol (born c.1015, daughter of Count Hugh, see SAINT-POL COUNTY). He died 1036.

[BLOU311] Robert le Blount (born 1029, son of Raoul), "the Admiral", is dealt with under BLOUNT.

[GUIS331] Eustace (born c.1035, son of Raoul), 4th Count of Guisnes, married Susanne de Grimmingen (born c.990 at Julian, daughter of Siger de Grimmingen/Grammene, Chambrier de Flandres). Eustace died 1052.

[GUIZ343] Boudouin de Guisnes (born c.1038, at Julian), son of Eustachius, Comte de Guisnes, married [HOLL343]Adele de Holland (daughter of [HOLL331] Florent de Hollande, Comte de Frise, (see HOLLAND COUNTY).

[GUIZ353] Mannasses de Guisnes (born c.1078, son of Baudouin), married [TANC423] Emma de Tancarville (daughter of Guillaume de Tancaville, see TANCARVILLE).

[GUIZ363] Sibylle de Guisnes (daughter of Mannasses), married [GAND371] Henri de Gand (see GAND).

[GUIS341] Guillaume de Bournonville (younger son of Eustace) died 1071.

[GUIS351] Gerard de Bournonville married (1082) Elsburg de Seclis (born c.1060). He died 1084.

[GUIS361] Louis de Bournonville (born c.1085), married Silvie de Normandie, Dame de Coquelle.

[GUIS372] Alice/Alix (daughter of Louis) married [FIES371] Seigneur Conan (see FIENNES).