Revised 24/11/2019



[GURN371] Eudes/Odo de Gourney (born c.860, possibly a Dane), took possession of Gourney-en-Bray in 912, Seigneur de Gourney.

[GURN381] Hugh I, (born c.906), Seigneur de Gourney.

[GURNN81] Renaud (born c.930), Seigneur de Gourney, married Albreda. He died 973.

[GURN391] Hughes I de Gournay (born, say 960), 1st Seigneur de Gourney). He died 990.

[GURN401] Hughes II de Gournay (born c.998), Seigneur de Gourney et Bray, married Albreda.

[GURN401] Hugh II de Gourney (born c.1026). He died 1074.

[GURN411] Hugh III de Gourney le vieux (born 1044) married [FLAI343] Basilia de Flaitel (widow, daughter of Gerard, see FLAITEL). Basilia died January 1099, and Hugh died 1110.

[GURN421] Gerard de Gourney, Seigneur de Gourney-en-Brai, married [SURR423] Edith (daughter of Earl William, see SURREY (WARENNE) EARLDOM). Gerard died on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem (not earlier than 1104), accompanied by his wife. Afterwards Edith married 2. Drew de Monchy.

[GURN432] Aimee (daughter of Gerard) married [TALB421] Sir Richard Talbot (see TALBOT}.

[GURN431] Hugh IV de Gourney (born 1090) married [CREP356] Beatrice de Vermandois (daughter of [CREP341] Hugh le grand, see CREPI). He died 1155.

[GURN441] Hugh IV (sic) de Gourney (born 1107) married 1. ---; then 2. [COUC362] Melisende de Coucy (born c.1126, daughter of Thomas de Coucy, see COUCY). Hugh died 1180.

[GURN451] Hugh V de Gourney (born c.1148, son of Hugh & Melisende) married [MELL393] Juliane de Dammartin (daughter of Count Aubrey III, see DAMMARTIN COUNTY). He died October 1214.

[GURN462] Milicent (born c.1180-83, daughter of Hugh V) married [CAUN461] William Cauntelou junior (see ABERGAVENNY (CAUNTELOU) BARONY).