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[HAI1281] Count Gislebert of Brabant m. [CARO274] Ermengarde de France
. [HAI1291] Count Reginar I of Hainault m2. Alberada
. . [LORX291] Count Giselbert of Lotharingia m. [SAXY274] Gerberga von Saxony
. . [HAI1302] Symphoronia de Hainault m. [NAMU301] Count Berenger of Namur
. . [HAI1301] Count Reginar II of Hainault m. [JUST322] Alice de Burgundy
. . . [HAI1313] --- de Hainault m. [LOOZ301] Count Nebelung of Betuwe
. . . [HAI1311] Count Reginar III of Hainault m. [NORG293] Adele von Hohenburg
. . . . [LOUV321] Count Lambert I of Louvain m. [LOTH323] Gerberga de Louvain
. . . . [HAI1321] Count Reginar IV of Hainault m. [CAPE322] Hadwig de France
. . . . . [HAI1332] Beatrice de Hainault m1. [ROUC341] Count Ebles I of Roucy

[HAI1281] Gislebert I, Count of Maasgau, Count of Brabant, Count of Darnau, and a Count in Lotharingia, carried off, then married, [CARO274] Ermengarde (daughter of EMPEROR LOTHAR I, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE). He died c.880.

[HAI1291] Reginar I langals [=longneck] de Hainault (born c.850) married 1. Irmtrud (daughter of King Louis II the stammerer, and sister of King Charles III the simple); then 2. Alberada. However, one reliable source only gives one wife, Albereda. Reginar was Count of Hainault (875-915), and Count of Lotharingia (911-15). He died c.915-16.

[HAI1302] Symphoronia (daughter of Reginar & Alberada) married (c.915) [NAMU301] Count Berenger (see NAMUR COUNTY).

[LORX291] Gislebert (son of Reginar I & Alberada), Count of the Meuse, was Count of Lotharingia (916-39, see LOTHARINGIA COUNTY for further details).

[HAI1301] Reginar II (born 882, son of Reginar I & Alberada) married [JUST322] Alice (born c.900, daughter of Count Richard, see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF AUTUN) DUKEDOM. Reginar was Count of Hainault (916-), and died 931-32.

[HAI1313] --- (daughter of Reginar II) married [LOOZ301] Count Nebelung of Betuwe (see LOOZ COUNTY).

[HAI1311] Reginar III (son of Reginar II) married [NORG293] Adele (daughter of Count Hugo III, see NORDGAU COUNTY). He was Count of Hainault (932-), and died 973.

[LOUV321] Lambert I (born c.950, son of Reginar III) married [LOTH323] Gerberga (see LOUVAIN).

[HAI1321] Reginar IV (son of Reginar III) married (996) [CAPE322] Hadwig (daughter of King Hugh capet, see CAPETIAN HOUSE). He was Count of Hainault (998-1013), and died 1013.

[HAI1332] Beatrice (daughter of Reginar IV) married 1. [ROUC341] Count Ebles I (see ROUCY COUNTY), died 1033; then 2. Manasse Calva Asina.


[FLAN331] March Count Baldwin V of Flanders m. [CAPE333] Adele de France
. [HAIN341] Count Baldwin I of Flanders m. Richilde d'Alsace
. . [HAIN351] Count Baldwin II of Hainault m. [LOUV353] Ida de Louvain
. . . [HAIN361] Count Baldwin III of Hainault m2. [GUEL362] Yolande de Guelders
. . . . [HAIN371] Count Baldwin IV of Hainault m. [NAMU362] Alice de Namur
. . . . . [HAIN382] Agnes de Hainault m. [COUC371] Sire Raoul I de Coucy
. . . . . [HAIN381] March Count Baldwin V of Namur m. [ALSA383] Margaret d'Alsace
. . . . . . [HAIN392] Isabella de Hainault m. [CAPE392] King Philip II Augustus of France

[HAIN341] Baldwin I (born c.1030, son of Count Baldwin V, see FLANDERS COUNTY) married (May 1051) Richilde (widow of 1. Count Herman of Hainault, and daughter of the Count of Egisheim [Alsace], though another source suggests she was the daughter of Count Renier of Valenciennes). Baldwin was Count of Hainault in the right of his wife (1052-70), Count of Flanders (1067-70), and died 17th July 1070. Afterwards Richilde married 3. (1070) William FitzOsbern (see HEREFORD (FITZOSBERN) EARLDOM). Richilde died at Messines (15th March 1086-87). Both Baldwin and Richilde were buried in the Abbey of Hasnon, which they had founded.

[HAIN351] Baldwin II (born c.1056, 2nd son of Baldwin I) married (1084) [LOUV353] Ida (daughter of Count Henry II, see LOUVAIN). He was Count of Hainault (1071-98). He took part in the siege of Antioch (1098), but was killed near Nikaia, in Syria, in a Turkish ambush (1098). Ida died 1139.

[HAIN361] Baldwin III (born c.1088) married (c.1107) [GUEL362] Yolande (daughter of Count Gerard II, see GUELDERS COUNTY). He was Count of Hainault (1098-1120), and died 1120. Yolande was then Regent (1120-25) for her under-age son Baldwin IV. Afterwards her son became of age, Yolande married 2. (after 1120) Vicomte Godefroi de Valenciennes.

[HAIN372] Ida/Gertrude (daughter of Baldwin III) married (c.1138) Roger III (see TONY).

[HAIN371] Baldwin IV le Battiseur (son of Baldwin III) married (c.1130) [NAMU362] Alice (daughter of Count Godfrey, see NAMUR COUNTY). Baldwin was Count of Hainault (1120-71). Alice died July 1169, and Baldwin 6-8th November 1171.

[HAIN382] Agnes (born c.1140-45, daughter of Baldwin IV) married (before 1164) [COUC371] Sire Raoul I (see COUCY).

[HAIN381] Baldwin V the courageous (born 1150) married (April 1169) [ALSA384] Margaret (daughter of Count Thierry III, see ALSACE COUNTY). He was Count of Hainault (1171-95), March Count of Namur (1190-95) and 8th Count of Flanders (1191-95). Margaret died 15th November 1194, and Baldwin died at Mons 17th December 1195.

[HAIN392] Isabella de Hainault (born at Valenciennes, April 1170, daughter of Baldwin V) married (at Bapaume, Pas-de-Calais, April 1180) [CAPE392] King Philip II (see CAPETIAN HOUSE).

[HAIN393] Yolanda de Hainault, Born c.1175) married [SPOL381] Count Hugh IV of Saint-Pol; (see SAINT-POL); then Peter II, Latin Emperor of Constantinople