Revised 25/01/2018


Halliday LEE                           Hannah HOLDSWORTH
Born 11 Apr 1862 at Calverley Bridge   Born 1867 at Farsley

Bapt 24 Aug 1862
  at Bingley, All Saints

Parents Joseph/Susannah                Parents John/Rose

Married 20 Apr 1889 at Calverley, St Wilfrid
Carder of Calverley Bridge; bride Weaver of Farsley
(Halliday's father : carrier; bride's father : overlooker)

Witnesses Thomas LEE              Halliday's brother
          Harriet LEE             Halliday's sister

Died 15 Jan 1934 (age 71)              Died 1898 (age 31)
  at Stanningley, 3 William Street       at Farsley, Bryan Street

Bu'd 18 Jan 1934 (grave 8-10)          Buried 8 Aug 1898 (grave C187)
  at Bramley, Zion Baptists              at Farsley, Bagley Baptists

Remarks :
Halliday afterwards married 2. Mary Wheelwright

Addresses :
1890    Farsley, Bryan Street
1891             15 Bryan Street (fettler in woollen mill)
1895-96          11 Cavendish Square
1897-   not found

Children :
Edwin            b 1889; d Farsley; 
                 buried 7/11/90 Bagley Baptist (age 14m) (grave C187)
Agnes            b 1892 Farsley; m. (1937) Nathan Hartley Coates
1871 Census  4505  Farsley, Catbableton?
John     Holdsworth H   M 39 woollen mill hand             Guiseley ) married 1860
Rose     Holdsworth W   M 35 domestic                      Farsley  ) formerly Marshall
Alice    Marshall   D   - 12 worsted mill hand             Farsley  ) born before marriage
Hannah   MARSHALL   D   -  4                               Farsley  )"Marshall" not understood
1881 Census  4334  Rawdon, Low Mill
John     Holdsworth H   M 48 woollen scribbling overlooker Horsforth
Rose     Holdsworth W   M 46                               Farsley
Alice    Holdsworth D   U 22 woollen mill hand             Farsley
Hannah   HOLDSWORTH D   U 14 woollen mill hand             Farsley
Halliday Lee = Hannah Holdsworth
1891 Census  3654-57  Farsley, 15 Bryan Street
John     Holdsworth H   M 58 overlooker in woollen mill    Stanningley 
Rose     Holdsworth H   M 56                               Farsley
Alice    Holdsworth D   S 33 burler in woollen mill        Farsley
Halliday LEE        H   M 26 fettler in woollen mill       Calverley Bridge
Hannah   LEE        W   M 24 woollen cloth weaver          Farsley
1901 Census  4186-62  Farsley, 9 Bryan Street
Rose     Holdsworth H   W 66                               Farsley
Halleday LEE        S/L W 37 fettler woollen mill          Calverley
Agnes    Lee        G/D -  9                               Farsley
Isaac    Marshall   Br  S 57 general labourer              Farsley
Halliday Lee = Mary Wheelwright
1911 Census      Stanningley (in Bramley), 3 William Street
Halliday LEE        H   M 48 fettler woollen mill         Calverley
Mary     LEE        W   M 43                              Stanningley
Agnes    Lee        D   S 19 twister worsted              Farsley