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Following the setting up of the Duchy Normandy under Rollo (911), Bernard was granted by Rollo the County of Pont-Audemer and then later the city of Harcourt.

[BERD301] Bernard le Danois [=the Dane] du Harcourt (born in Denmark, c.880, son of [VIKI351] Gomer, see VIKINGS), Vicomte de Pont-Audemer, married (909) Sprat/Sprote de Burgundy, Dame de Sprote. He was afterwards baptised at Rouen (912), Regent of Normandy after the murder of Duke William (December 942). He died c.955.

[BERD311] Torf le riche [=the rich] du Harcourt (born c.915), Seigneur de Pont-Audemer, Harcouet, Tourville, Torcy, etc., married (955) [MONB302] Eremburge (born c.935, daughter of Anlech Turstain, see MONTFORT-SUR-RISLE). Eremburge died c.985.

[HARC301] Turquetil/Turqueville/Tanqueraye, de Neufmarche (born c.955, 2nd son of Torf) is described under HARCOURT-2 below.

[BERD329] Thorold de Pont-Audemer du Harcourt (born c.949, eldest son of Torf, Seigneur de Pont-Audemer, married 1. (c.979) [HERB313] Avelina/Wevia/Wewa Ducelina de Crepon (widow of [BOLE351] Osbern I de Bolebec, see BOLEBEC, and daughter of [HERB301] Herbastus, see HERBASTUS DE CREPI), she died c.979; then 2. (c.984) Senfrie de Crepon (daughter of Herbastus de Crepon, by Gunhild Olafsdottir, see HERBASTUS DE CREPI); then 3. (c.990) Ancelin de Montfort-sur-Risle (daughter of Thurstan de Montfort [perhaps widow of Turquetil de Neufmarche, see below]). Thorold died at Preaux (c.1036).

[BXXX381] Humphrey du Harcourt (born c.980, son of Thorold  & Avelina Duceline), is described under WARWICK (BEAUCHAMP) EARLDOM.

[BERD332] Josceline de Pont-Audemer (born c.985, daughter of Thorold & Senfrie), married [ROUE381] Vicomte Tesselin de Rouen (see ROUEN).

[BERD331] Honfroy/Onfroi/Humphrey du Harcourt (born at Pont-Audemer, c.990, younger son of Thorold & Senfrie), Seigneur de Vieilles et de Pont-Audemer, married (1010) Dame Albreda de La Haie-Auberie, daughter of Robert of Torigny). Humphrey died September 1044, and Albreda died 24th December 1045.

[BERD341] Roger du Harcourt (born 1022, eldest son of Humphrey), Seigneur de Beaumont, Normandy, married 1. (1040) [MEUL342] Adeline (Countess of Meulan, daughter of [MEUL331] Count Waleran III, see MEULAN COUNTY), she died April 1081; then 2. Alice de Tony. He was tenant-in-chief in Dorset and Gloucs at the Domesday Survey. He became a monk at Preaux Abbey (after 1090) and died there (29th November 1094).

[WARW351] Henry de Beaumont (born c.1048, younger son of Roger & Adeline), see WARWICK (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM for further details.

[BEAM351] Robert de Beaumont (born c.1046, son & heir of Roger & Adeline), when very young accompanied DUKE WILLIAM to England, and distinguished himself at the Battle of Hastings. For further details see LEICESTER (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM.


[HARC301] Turquetil/Turqueville/Tanqueraye de Neufmarche (born c.960, 2nd son of [BERD311] Seigneur Torf le riche (born 915, see HARCOURT-1 above), Seigneur de Torqueville, married [MONB313] Anceline (daughter of Seigneur Thurstan, see MONTFORT-SUR-RISLE).

[HARC312] Lescelin (daughter of Turqueville) married [EUEU331] Guillaume I (see SECOND HOUSE OF EU).

[NEWF421] Thureyttel de Neufmarche (son of Turquetil), is described under NOVA MERCATO).

[HARC311] Anchetil  (born c.991, son of Turqueville), Sire du Harcourt. Although not specifically stated. there would appear to have been two Anchetils, father and son.

[HARC321] Anchetil (born c.1035, son of Anchetil), Sire du Harcourt, married Eve de Boessey-le-Chapel (aka Boessey-le-Chatel). Afterwards Eve married 2. (by 1070) [ABER341] William de Briouze (see ABERGAVENNY (BRIOUZE) BARONY).

[HARC331] Robert le fort (born c.1063, 2nd son of Anchetil), Sire du Harcourt, Seigneur de Boessey-le-Chatel, married [ARGO333] Colette d'Argouges (daughter of Vaultier, see ARGOUGES). Colette died c.1126.

[HARW341] Rollo/Roland [else Ivo] du Harcourt (born at Bourn, Cambs, c.1091, younger son of Robert), Lord of Willes, married [PEVX362] Roseia Peverel (born c.1104, daughter of Robert Peverel, see PEVEREL). He died after 1166.

[HARW352] Albreda (born c.1120, daughter of Raoul/Ivo) married [TRUS451] Lord William (see TRUSSEBUT).

[HARC341] William du Harcourt (born c.1083, son & heir of Robert), Sire du Harcourt, Calleville/Cailville, Beauficel and of Stanton-under-Bardon (Leics), married [AMBS342] Agnes d'Amboise (daughter of Hughes d'Amboise, see AMBOISE SEIGNEURS-2). For services rendered to King Henry I he was rewarded with large estates, which were inherited by his 2nd son Ivo who permanently settled in England. (His eldest son Robert II remained in France.)

[HARC352] Beatrix de Harcourt (daughter of William) married [WALL461] Richard Basset (see WALLINGFORD (BASSET) BARONY.

[HARC351] Ivo du Harcourt (born c.1130, 2nd son and English heir of William), of Stanton, 1. Rohese Peverel (daughter of Robert Peverell and Adelicia de Verdon); then 2. [ABER374] Agnes (daughter Philip de Braose II and Eva, see ABERGAVENNY (BRIOUZE) BARONY) . He died 1180.

[HARC361] Robert de Stanton (eldest son of Ivo, by Agnes), of Bosworth (Leics), etc, Sheriff of Warwickshire and Leicestershire, married [CAMR452] Isabel Camville ([born c.1166], see CAMVILLE). He died 1202.

[HARC372] Alice (daughter of Robert) married 1. John de Limsey, Lord of Cavendish (Suffolk); then 2. [WARW372] Earl Waleran (see WARWICK (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM).