Revised 25/01/2018


Harold WATKINS                         Hilda LYNES
Born 1892                              Born 1892
                                         at Leeds
Baptised 24 Jun 1894
  at Burley, St. Matthias

Parents James Henry/Ann Elizabeth      Parents Charles Alfred/Clara

Married 16 Sep 1911 at Burley, St Matthias
Clicker of 65 Lilian Place; bride of 30 Walter Street; both (age 19)
(Harold's father : timekeeper; bride's father : engineer)

Witnesses Harry LYNES             Hilda's brother
          Horrace ATTACK          Horrace later married Harry's widow Evelyn

Died 1917
  at killed in action

Addresses :
1925-28 Kirkstall, 22 Pratt Row (Hilda Watkins only)
1929-30            22 Pratt Row (Hilda, Clara Lynes & Marie Ford)
1931-39            22 Pratt Row (Hilda, Clara & Robert Harry Tatterton)
1945-54            22 Pratt Row (Hilda Watkins & Robt H Tatterton)
1901 Census  4243  Headingley, 27 Greenhow Avenue
James H       Watkins H  M 31 boot maker's timekeeper    Leeds
Annie E       Watkins W  M 28                            Leeds
Harold        WATKINS S  -  8                            Leeds
Edna          Watkins D  -  6                            Leeds
Edith         Watkins D  -  3                            Leeds
Herbert       Watkins Br S 28 boot finisher              Leeds
1911 Census         Leeds, Kirkstall Road, 65 Lilian Place
James Henry   Watkins H  M 41 timekeeper                 Leeds
Ann Elizabeth Watkins W  M 37                            Leeds
Harold        WATKINS S  S 18 boot clicker               Leeds
Edna          Watkins D  S 16 assisting in cap business  Leeds
Edith         Watkins D  S 13 boot machinist             Leeds
Annie Walker  Watkins D  S  8 school                     Leeds
Albert        Watkins Br S 37 assisting in boot business Leeds
Horice        Attack  Bd S 22 grinder in steel business  Leeds   [see note above]