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[PORH361] Vicomte Geoffrey of Porhoet m. [CORN382] Hawise of Brittany
. [ZOUC391] Alan la Zouche m. [BELM382] Alice de Belmeis
. . [ZOUC401] Roger la Zouche m. [BISE483] Margaret de Biset
. . . [ZOUC412] Lorette la Zouche m. [SANF401] Gilbert de Sanford
. . . [ZOUC411] Sir Eudo la Zouche m. [CAUN483] Milicent of Abergavenny
. . . . [ZOUC422] Eve la Zouche m. [HARD491] Lord Maurice Berkeley

[ZOUC391] Alan la Zouche (or Alan Ceoche or Alan la Coche) (son of [PORH361] Vicomte Geoffrey, see PORHOET) married [BELM382] Alice (daughter and eventually heiress of [BELM371] Philip de Belmeis (see BELMEIS), by which he became Lord of Tong (Salop) and Ashby (Leics). Alan died 1190, and the Lordship of Tong passed to his son William, who then called himself William de Belmeis, perhaps to strengthen his case of entitlement to the lordship. William died without issue (1199) and the Lordship of Tong passed to his brother Roger, described next.

[ZOUC401] Roger la Zouche (son of Alan, brother & heir of William) paid 100 to take over William's lands, but they were seized (1204) whilst he was in Brittany, and proffered 100 marks later that year to regain them. He married [BISE483] Margaret de Biset, daughter of Henry & Albreda Biset, see BISET). Roger died before May 1238.

[ZOUC412] Lorette (daughter of Roger) married [SANF401] Gilbert (see SANFORD).

[ZOUC413] Alan la Zouche (son & heir of Roger) married (before 1242) [QUEN406] Helen (born c.1222, daughter of Roger de Quency, see WINCHESTER (QUENCY) EARLDOM). After Alan died (10th August 1270), Helen was noted occupying the manor at Tranent (Co. Haddington).

[ZOUC411] Sir Eudo (or Eon or Ivo or Youn or Ivont, born 1244, son of Roger) la Zouche married [CAUN483] Milicent (daughter of Lord William, see ABERGAVENNY (CAUNTELOU) BARONY), who had previously married 1. John de Mahaut/Montait. Eudo died 1279, and Milicent died 1299.

[ZOUC422] Eve (daughter of Eudo) married [HARD491] Lord Maurice (see BERKELEY BARONY).

[ZOUC423] Lucy de la Zouche (daughter of Eudo la Zouche) married [GREN491] Thomas de Greene (see HENRY-GREENE)