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(HESBAYE in French)

[HASP161] Charibert of Neustria m. ?
. [HASP171] Chrodobertus I of Haspengau m. ?
. . [HASP181] Lambert I of Haspengau m. ?
. . . [HASP191] Chancellor Chrodobertus II m. [SPOD202] Doda of Poitiers
. . . . [HASP201] Count Lambert II in Neustria m. [CHIL214] Chrotlind of Neustria
. . . . . [HASP211] Duke Rutpert of Haspengau m. Williswinthe of Worms
. . . . . . [RATH191] Count Guerin in Thurgau m. [SPOO192] Adellinde von Spoleto
. . . . . . [HASP222] Hereswint of Haspengau m. [SWAG221] Duke Nebi of Alemannia
. . . . . . [HASP223] Lambert III de Wormsgau m. Gerberge of Laon
. . . . . . . [HASP233] Waldrade of Wormsgau m. [ORLE211] Count Adrien of Orleans
. . . . . . [HASP221] Rutpert II m. Angila
. . . . . . . [SORB261] Count Heinrich I of Wettergau m. ?
. . . . . . . [HASP231] Count Rutpert III in Wormsgau m. [ORLE222] Wiltrud of Orleans
. . . . . . . . [BABE211] Count Heimerich of Wormsgau m. ?
. . . . . . . . [HASP242] Oda in Wormsgau m. [LOBD251] Wido of Lobdengau

[HASP161] Charibert of Neustria (born c.575).

[HASP171] Chrodobertus I of Haspengau (born c.600).

[HASP181] Lambert I of Haspengau (born c.620), died c.650.

[HASP191] Chrodobertus II, Chancellor to King Clotaire III, married [SPOD202] Doda of Poitiers (daughter of Count Guerin of Poitiers, see TREVES COUNTY).

[HASP201] Lambert II (born c.685), Count in Neustria and Austrasia, Primate of Gaul and Germany, married [CHIL214] Chrotlind (daughter of puppet King Thierry III of Neustria/Burgundy, see CHILPERIC II).

[HASP211] Rutpert/Robert I (born c.710), Count in Upper Rhine Valley and Wormsgau, DUKE OF HASPENGAU, married Williswinthe of Worms (daughter & heiress of Count Adalheim of Lorsch).

[RATH191] Guerin (son of Robert), Count in Thurgau, is dealt with under RATHIEN COUNTY.

[HASP222] Hereswint (daughter of Rutpert I) married [SWAG221] DUKE NEBI OF ALEMANNIA (born 705, see SWABIA DUKEDOM).

[HASP223] Lambert III of Wormsgau (son of Robert I) married Gerberge de Laon (daughter of either Count Caribert de Laon or Charibert de Laon, who were different persons).

[HASP233] Waldrade of Wormsgau (daughter of Lambert III) married [ORLE211] Count Adrien (see ORLEANS COUNTY).

[HASP221] Rutpert II (son of Rutpert I), Count of the Oberrheingau, married Angila.

[SORB261] Heinrich II (son of Rutpert II), Count of Wettergau, is dealt with under SORBENMARK.

[HASP231] Rutpert III (born c.780, son of Rutpert II), Count in Wormsgau, married [ORLE222] Wiltrud of Orleans (born c.799, daughter of Adrian, see ORLEANS COUNTY).

[BABE211] Heimerich (son of Rutpert III), Count in Wormsgau, is described under BABENBURG).

[HASP242] Oda (daughter of Rutpert III) married [LOBD251] Wido (see LOBDENGAU).


[HESB231] Count Ingram of Hesbaye m. [PEPI233] Landrade
. [HESB242] Lady Rolande of Hesbaye m. [HEBM251] Alberic of Narbonne

[HESB231] Simeon (Ingram) (born c.753), Count of Hesbaye, married [PEPI233] Landrade (widow, daughter of King Charles martel & Schwanhilde, see PALACE OF AUSTRASIA).

[HESB242] Rolande (daughter of Ingram) married her cousin [HEBM251] Alberic of Narbonne (see SEPTIMANIA).