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[HAST401] Ibert de Venoix, hereditary Mareschal de Normandie.

[HAST411] Miles de Venoix, hereditary Mareschal de Normandie, married Lesceline.

[HAST422] Geoffrey de Venoix le mareschal (born before 1049, son of Miles de Venoix). He succeeded his father c.1070. At the Domesday Survey he held land as tenant-in-chief to the king, as "Geoffrey Marshal" in Hampshire (at Hempshott and East Worldham) and as "Geoffrey" in Wiltshire (at Draycot Cerne).

[HAST432] Margaret de Venoix (daughter of Geoffrey, married [MARS351] Gilbert giffard (see PEMBROKE (MARSHAL) EARLDOM).

[HAST421] Robert of Hastings (born c.1037, presumed son of Miles), Portreve of Hastings, Steward to King William I, Lord of Willoughby (Warks).

[HAST431] Walter de Hastings (born at Port Reece, c.1068), Steward to King Henry I, married [WIND352] Hawise de Windsor (daughter of Gerald FitzWalter, see WINDSOR).

[HAST441] Sir Hugh de Hastings (son & heir of Walter) married [FLAM352] Erneburga de Flamville (daughter of Hugh de Flamville, see FLAMVILLE). Through this marriage, Hugh acquired a Manor afterwards known as Hastings Manor, together with the stewardship of Bury St. Edmunds (Suffolk), and Aston Flamville Manor (Leics).

[HAST452] Milicent (born 1145, daughter of Hugh) married (c.1166) [FOLX341] Richard Foliot (see FOLIOT OF CHIPPING WARDEN).

[HAST451] William de Hastings (born c.1135, son & heir of Hugh) married 1. (1165) [BANA452] Maud Banaster (born c.1134, widow of William Cumin, and daughter of Thurstan Banaster, see BANASTRE); then 2. Ida de Eu. William died 1st April 1182.

[HAST461] William de Hastings (born c.1165, 2nd son of William & Maud), of Ashill (Norfolk), was heir to his elder brother Henry who died without issue. He married (c.1190) [NORF452] Margaret Bigod (born c.1172, daughter of Earl Roger, see NORFOLK (BIGOD) EARLDOM). William was at the Siege of Bitham Castle (Lincs) (1221), and died 1226.

[HAST471] Sir Henry de Hastings (born c.1190, eldest son & heir of William) married [DUNK472] Ada (see HUNTINGDON (DUNKELD) EARLDOM).

Henry held the manors of Whitefield, Stratton and Cundover (Salop); of Wigginton and Wulverhampton (Staffs); of Bromesgrove (Worcs); and also Bolsover Castle (Derbys); and also Owardbek and Mannesfeld (Notts). Much of this being part of the great inheritance of the Earl of Chester's lands. He also apparently held Bozeat (Northants) through his wife Ada. Henry was captured by the French at the great defeat of the English Army at the Battle of Saintes (23rd June 1242).

Henry died some time before August 1250.

[HAST482] Maud (daughter of Sir Henry) married [PECC499] Baron Gilbert de Pecche (see PECCHE).

[HAST481] Sir Henry de Hastings (son & heir of Sir Henry), of Ashill (Norfolk), married [CAUN482] Joan Cauntelou (born c.1240, see ABERGAVENNY (CAUNTELOU) BARONY).

Sir Henry was created Baron Hastings (1263) by Simon de Montfort, but the tile was not recognised by the king. He was one of the leaders of the Baronial army at the Battle of Lewes (14th May 1264), immediately before which he was Knighted by Simon de Montfort 6th Earl of Leicester. Sir Henry was wounded and taken prisoner at the Battle of Evesham (4th August 1265), where young Prince Edward met the advancing Baronial army. The battle was brief but bloody, but led to the release of King Henry III, who had been imprisoned since his capture by the Barons at the Battle of Lewes. Sir Henry also defended Kenilworth Castle during its Siege by Henry III, from 27th June to its surrender on 13th December 1266.

Henry died shortly before March 1269, and Joan died 1271.

[HAST493] Melissa de Hastings (daughter of Henry & Joan) married [WALD471] John de Waldegrave (see WALDEGRAVE)

[HAST494] Joan de Hastings (daughter of Henry & Joan) married [WALD471] John de Waldegrave (see WALDEGRAVE)

[HAST492] Sir John de Hastings (born 6th May 1262, at Allesley, son & heir of Sir Henry) married 1. (1275) Isabel (daughter of William de Valence, a mighty Marcher lord), she died 5th October 1305; then 2. [DESP512] Isabel Despenser (see WINCHESTER (DESPENSER) EARLDOM). John became 16th [not 17th] Lord of Abergavenny (1273, see ABERGAVENNY (HASTINGS) BARONY) and was later created 1st Lord Hastings (1290). In 1290 John (as grandson of Ada) was one of several unsuccessful claimants to the Scottish throne. He died 10th February 1313, and afterwards Isabel married 2. (November 1318) Sir Ralph (see MONTHERMER BARONY). Isabel died 4th December 1334.

[HAST501] Sir Hugh de Hastings (born before 1310, son of John by his 2nd wife Isabel), of Gressing Hall, married (before August 1330) [FOLI502] Margery Foliot (see FOLIOT BARONY). Hugh died 30th July 1347, and Margery died 8th October 1349. There is a memorial brass of Sir Hugh in Elsing Church.

[HAST512] Sir Hugh de Hastings (born c.1330) married [EVEM512] Margaret de Everingham (see EVERINGHAM BARONY). They both died 1369.

[HAST522] Margaret de Hastings (daughter of Sir Hugh) married 1. [WING522] Sir John Wingfield of Letheringham (see WINGFIELD); then 2. Sir John (see RUSSELL).