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[NORM292] Duke Richard I of Normandy &. his mistress
. [BRIO401] Count Godfrey of Brionne m. ?
. . [NORY411] Robert de Brionne of Brionne m. [FALA314] Beatrice de Falaise
. . . [NORY422] Aubree de Brionne m. [NEVL331] Seigneur Balderic de Courcy
. . [NORY411] Robert de Brionne of Brionne m. [FALA314] Beatrice de Falaise
. . [BRIO411] Count Gilbert of Brionne m. ?
. . . [OKEH421] Lord Baldwin FitzGilbert of Okehampton m. ?
. . . . [OKEH438] Emma de Dolton of Okehampton m. [AVRA341] William d'Avranches
. . . [OKEH421] Lord Baldwin FitzGilbert of Okehampton m. ?
. . . [TELL421] Sire Gilbert de Tellieres m. ?
. . . [BRIO422] Hesilia de Clare m. [MALE311] William Malet, Sheriff of York
. . . [BRIO423] Emma of Eu m. [CUND391] Pierre of Conde
. . . [BRIO421] Richard I FitzGilbert de Clare m. [BUCK352] Rohese Giffard
. . . . [NORQ431] Lord Robert FitzRichard of Little Dunmow m. [SLIZ372] Maud of Huntingdon
. . . . . [NORQ442] Matilda de Senlis m. [ALBI461] Lord William II of Belvoir
. . . . . [NORQ441] Lord Baynard Walter II of Dunmow Castle m1. [LUCY363] Lady Maud of Diss
. . . . . . [NORQ452] Alice FitzWalter of Dunmow Castle m. [PECC471] Baron Gilbert de Pecche of Bourn
. . . . [NORQ431] Lord Robert FitzRichard of Little Dunmow m. [SLIZ372] Maud of Huntingdon
. . . . [BRIO432] Adeliza FitzGilbert de Clare m. [TIRR371] Sir Walter Tirrell III
. . . . [BRIO433] Avice de Clare m. [FOUG351] Seigneur Raoul I de Fougeres
. . . . [BRIO434] Richard I FitzRichard de Clare, Bishop of Ely m. ?
. . . . . [BRIO446] Rohese de Clare m. [LUCY351] Richard de Lucy, Justiciar of England
. . . . [BRIO435] Rohais de Clare m1. [RYES341] Eudo de Rye
. . . . [BRIO437] Ronais de Clare m3. [TELL431] Ralph de Tellieres
. . . . [BRIO431] Marcher Lord Gilbert FitzRichard of Clun m. [CLER332] Adeliz de Clermont
. . . . . [HERT441] Lord Richard II FitzGilbert of Clare m1. [BAYE342] Adeliz of Chester
. . . . . [PEMB351] Earl Gilbert of Pembroke m. [BEAM363] Isabel of Leicester
. . . . . [BRIO442] Alice of Clun m. [OXFO371] Aubrey II de Vere, Lord Great Chamberlain
. . . . . [BRIO443] Agnes of Clun m. [LEGE421] Lord Geoffrey of Fairligh
. . . . . [BRIO443] Rohese of Clun m. [MONM451] Baderon of Monmouth
. . . . . [BRIO441] Baldwin FitzGilbert of Clun m. [ROLL372] Adeline de Rollos of Bourne
. . . . . . [BRIO452] Emma FitzGilbert de Clare m. [WAKE451] Hugh le Wake

[BRIO401] Godfrey Crispin (illegitimate son of [NORM299] Duke Richard I, see NORMANDY DUKEDOM), became Count of Brionne, and was created 1st Count of Eu (996). He died c.1010.

[NORY411] Robert de Brionne (son of [BRIO401] Godfrey) married (c.1001) [FALA314] Beatrice (daughter of Fulbert, see FALAISE).

[NORY422] Aubree de Brionne ([born c.1001], daughter of Robert) married [NEVL331] Balderic le teuton (see NEVILLE).

[BRIO411] Gilbert Crispin FitzGodfrey ([born c.980], Count of Brionne, married Gunnora (born c.984) d'Aunou (could be Aunou-le-Faucon or Aunou-sur-Orne). He became 2nd Count of Eu (c.1010), but was deposed c.1016. Gilbert was selected to be guardian of [EUEU331] Guillaume, son of [EUEU341] Robert, 4th Count of Eu (see below under SECOND HOUSE OF EU), who was starting out for the Holy Land, and for the next five years was one of the most powerful nobles in Normandy. Following the death of [BRIT351] Count Alan III of Brittany (October 1040), Gilbert was for a short time chief tutor of DUKE WILLIAM OF NORMANDY (later the Conqueror). But Gilbert abused his position to plunder the orphan heirs of his neighbour the Seigneur de Montreuil and in revenge they cruelly murdered him near Eschafour (March 1040) as he was riding peaceably on his mule. One of the assassins is recorded as being Robert de Vitot.

[BRIO422] Hesilia de Clare (daughter of Gilbert) married [MALE311] William (see MALET).

[BRIO423] Emma of Eu (born at Tillieres, Anjou, c.1030 [probably earlier], daughter of Gilbert Crispin & Gunnora) married [CUND391] Pierre de Conde (see CONDET).

[OKEH421] Baldwin FitzGilbert (son of Gilbert), Seigneur de Meules et du Sap, feudal Lord of Okehampton, Sheriff of Devon. He died c.1090.

[OKEH438] Emma de Dolton (daughter of Baldwin FitzGilbert), of Okehampton, Devon, married 1. [AVRA341] William d'Avranches (see OKEHAMPTON); then 2. [PAGN351] Ralph de Paynel (see PAYNEL).

[TELL421] Gilbert (son of Gilbert), Sire de Tellieres, is dealt with under TELLIERES.

[BRIO421] Richard I FitzGilbert (born before 1035, "son of Gislebert Crispin, Count of Brion, the son of Geoffrey, natural son of Richard, 1st Duke of Normandy"). Richard was Lord of Bienfaite & Orbec in Normandy, and accompanied William the Conqueror to England, where he became Justiciar of England, and founded the House of Clare, and was variously styled de Bienforte, de Clare and de Tonbridge. In the Domesday Survey (when he was variously referred to as Richard son of Count Gilbert, Richard son of Count "G", Richard FitzGilbert and Richard of Tonbridge), he was tenant-in-chief in Beds, Cambs, Devon, Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk and Wilts. Richard married [BUCK352] Rohese aka Rohaisa (daughter of Walter, see GIFFARD). Richard died c.1090.

[NORQ431] Robert FitzRichard de Clare (born 1065, son of Richard FitzGilbert), Lord of Little Dunmow, married 1. Judith of Huntingdon (daughter of [NTHM331] Earl Waltheof, see NORTHUMBRIA (SIWARD) EARLDOM); then 2. (1112) [SLIZ379] Maud (daughter of Earl Simon, see HUNTINGDON (ST. LIZ) EARLDOM). Robert died c.1134-36, and afterwards Maud married 2. [QUEN361] Saher de Quency (see WINCHESTER (QUENCY) EARLDOM).

[NORQ441] Baynard Walter II FitzRobert de Clare (son of Robert & Maud), 2nd Lord of Dunmow Castle, married 1. [LUCY363] Maud de Lucy, Lady of Diss, (born c.1128, daughter of Lord Richard of Diss, see LUCY), died after 1163; then 2. Margaret de Bohun. He died 1198.

[NORQ452] Alice FitzWalter de Clare (born 1158, daughter of Walter II FitzRobert & Maud) married [PECC471] Gilbert de Pecche (see PECCHE).

[NORQ442] Matilda de Senlis ([born c.1115], daughter of Robert & Maud) married [ALBI461] William II de Albini Brito (see BELVOIR (ALBINI) FEUDAL LORDSHIP).

[BRIO433] Avice de Clare (daughter of Richard FitzGilbert) married 1. [GRES461] Robert III de Toeni, see GRESLEY, then 2. [FOUG351] Seigneur Raoul I, (see FOUGERES).

[BRIO432] Adelaide de Clare (daughter of Richard FitzGilbert) married [TIRR371] Walter Tirrel (see TIRRELL).

[BRIO438] Rohais de Clare (born c.1067, daughter of Richard FitzGilbert) married 1. [RYES341] Eudo (see RYE), died 1088; then 2. [DAMF341] Count Hugh II de Dammartin (see EARLY DAMMARTIN COUNTY), died 1100; then 3. [TELL431] Ralph (see TELLIERES). Rohais died 1121.

[BRIO434] Richard II FitzRichard de Clare (born at Orbec, Calvados, c.1068, son of Richard FitzGilbert), Bishop of Ely.

[BRIO446] Rohese FitzRichard de Clare (born c.1090, daughter of Richard FitzRichard) married [LUCY351] Lord Richard of Diss (born c.1098, see LUCY).

[BRIO431] Gilbert FitzRichard of Clun (born before 1066, 2nd son of Richard FitzGilbert) was Marcher Lord of Clun (see MARCHES), and variously styled de Clare, de Tonbridge. He married [CLER332] Adeliz (daughter of Count Hughes I, see CLERMONT COUNTY). Gilbert died either 1114 or 1117, and afterwards Adeliz married 2. Bouchard de Montmorency.

[HERT441] Richard de Clare (son & heir of Gilbert FitzRichard) is dealt with under HERTFORD (CLARE) EARLDOM).

[BRIO443] Agnes of Clun (daughter of Gilbert FitzRichard) married [LEGE421] Geoffrey (see SAINT-LEGER).

[PEMB351] Gilbert strongbow of Clun (born 21st September 1100, 2nd son of Gilbert FitzRichard) became 1st Earl of Pembroke (see PEMBROKE (CLARE) EARLDOM).

[BRIO443] Rohese of Clun (daughter of Gilbert FitzRichard) married [MONM451] Baderon (see MONMOUTH).

[BRIO442] Alice of Clun (born c.1080, daughter of Gilbert FitzRichard) married [OXFO371] Aubrey II (see OXFORD (VERE) EARLDOM).

[BRIO447] Adeliza de Clare (born c.1091), daughter of Gilbert FitzRichard) married [OXFO361] Alberic II de Vere (born c.1062, see OXFORD (VERE) EARLDOM).

[BRIO445] Margaret (daughter of Gilbert FitzRichard) married [FICH421] Baron William de Montfichet (see MONTFICHET).

[BRIO441] Baldwin FitzGilbert of Clun (born c.1088-92, son of Gilbert FitzRichard) married (c.1113) [ROLL372] Adeline de Clare (born c.1092, daughter & heiress of Richard de Rollos, see ROLLOS). He became Lord of Bourne, Lincs, (1130) by right of his wife, founded Bourne Abbey (1138), and died 1154.


Bourne Abbey
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[BRIO452] Emma FitzGilbert de Clare (eldest daughter of Baldwin) married [WAKE451] Hugh le Wake (see WAKE).


[NORM292] Duke Richard I of Normandy &. his mistress
. [EUEU331] Count Guillaume I of Eu m. [HARC322] Lesceline de Turqueville
. . [SOIS351] Count William of Soissons m. [SOIX352] Countess Adela of Soissons
. . [EUEU341] Count Robert of Eu m1. Beatrice
. . . [EUEU351] Lord William II of Hastings m1. [TICK352] Beatrice de Bully of Tickhill
. . . . [EUEU361] Lord Henry I of Hastings m3. [BLOY362] Margaret de Blois
. . . . . [EUEU371] Lord John of Hastings m. [ARUN373] Alice Arundel
. . . . . . [EUEU381] Lord Henry II of Hastings m. [SUR2472] Matilda of Surrey
. . . . . . . [EUEU392] Lady Alice of Hastings m. [LUSX381] Count Raoul I of Eu

[EUEU331] Guillaume I d’Eu (born c.985, illegitimate son of [NORM299] DUKE RICHARD I, see NORMANDY DUKEDOM). He was 3rd Count of Eu (c.1018), and afterwards 1st feudal Lord of Hastings. He married [HARC312] Lesceline (daughter of Seigneur Turketil de Turqueville, see HARCOURT-2). He died c.1054, and Lesceline died 26th January 1058-59.

[SOIS351] William (son of Count William) became Count of Soissons, and is described under SOISSONS COUNTY.

[EUEU342] Adela (daughter of Count William) married [SAUV391] Neil/Nigel IIII, Vicomte de Saint-Sauveur, see SAINT SAUVEUR).

[EUEU341] Robert d'Eu (born c.1026, son of William) became 4th Count of Eu and 2nd feudal Lord of Hastings (c.1058). He married 1. (c.1055) Beatrice (possibly de Limesay); then 2. [APUL343] Matilda (daughter of Count Roger I of Sicily), afterwards repudiated. Afterwards [APUL343] Mathilde married 2. [TOUX341] Count Raymond of Saint-Giles, who later became Count Raymond IV of Toulouse. Robert contributed 60 ships to the fleet for the invasion of England (1066), and was one of the Conqueror’s most trusted generals. Beatrice died 1085, and Robert died c.1090.

[EUEU351] William II of Hastings (born c.1058, son of Robert & Beatrice) became 5th Count of Eu and 3rd feudal Lord of Hastings (1090). He married 1. (c.1078) [TICK352] Beatrice (daughter of Roger de Builly, feudal Lord of Tickhill, see TICKHILL); then 2. Helisende d'Avranches. He was tenant-in-chief to the king in England at the time of the Domesday Survey, holding land in Beds, Bucks, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Gloucs, Hants, Herts, Hunts, Somerset, Sussex and Wilts. He was captured after being vanquished in a duel, and condemned (at Salisbury, January 1096) to be blinded and castrated.

The Hastings family held Hastings Castle through more of the Norman period. King John ordered the castle to be destroyed to prevent it falling into the hands of Dauphin Louis of France. It was refortified by King Henry III c.1220, though certain Norman features, in arches, remained.




Hastings Castle ruins
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Norman arches

[EUEU361] Henry I of Hastings (born c.1085, son of William & Beatrice) became 6th Count of Eu and 4th feudal Lord of Hastings (1096). He also claimed the hereditary steward of the Liberty of St. Edmund (Bury). He married 1. Maud; then 2. Hermentrude; then 3. (c.1122) [BLOY362] Margaret (daughter of [BLOY351] Guillaume, see CHAMPAGNE COUNTY). He died at Fecamp (12th July 1140).

[EUEU372] Helisende of Hastings (daughter of Henry & Margaret) married [LEGE431] Sir Reginald (see SAINT-LEGER).

[EUEU371] John of Hastings (born c.1130, son of Henry & Margaret) became 7th Count of Eu and 5th feudal Lord of Hastings (1140). He married (c.1155) [ARUN373] Alice (daughter of Earl William, see ARUNDEL (AUBIGNY) EARLDOM). He died 26th June 1170, and afterwards Alice married 2. Alvred de Saint-Martin.

[EUEU381] Henry II of Hastings (born c.1158) became 8th Count of Eu and 6th feudal Lord of Hastings (1170). He married (c.1180) [SUR2472] Matilda (daughter of Earl Hamelin, see SURREY (WARENNE) EARLDOM). Henry died 11th March 1183, and afterwards Matilda married 2. Henry d'Estouteville, Lord of Eckington (Derbyshire).

[EUEU392] Alice of Hastings (born c.1182, daughter of Henry, was sister & heir of Ralph, 9th Count of Eu, who died whilst a minor). Alice therefore became 10th Countess of Eu (1186). She married (1194) [LUSX381] Raoul de Lusignan (see below and also LUSIGNAN).


[LUSI371] Hugh VIII de Lusignan m1. [RANC082] Bourgogne de Rancon
. [LUSX381] Count Raoul I of Eu m. [EUEU392] Lady Alice of Hastings
. . [LUSX392] Maud of Eu m. [HERE471] Earl Humphrey of Hereford

[LUSX381] Raoul I d'Eu (born c.1168, see LUSIGNAN) married (1194) [EUEU392] Alice, 10th Countess of Eu, see above, and therefore became 10th Count of Eu (1191). He died at Shenton (Leics) (1st May 1219). Alice died 12th May 1246.

[LUSX392] Maud d'Eu (born c.1208, daughter of Raoul I) married [HERE471] Earl Humphrey (see HEREFORD (BOHUN) EARLDOM).