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[CORG371] Gervase de Cornhill, Sheriff of London m. Agnes de Cornhill
. [CORG381] Henry de Cornhill, Sheriff of London m. [CURY382] Alice de Curcy
. . [CORG392] Joan de Cornhill of London m. [NEVL391] Hugh de Neville, Sheriff of Essex

[CORG371] Gervase FitzRoger de Cornhill (born c.1110), merchant and financier, Justiciar in London (by 1147), Sheriff of London (1155-56), Sheriff of Surrey (1168-83), married Agnes de Cornhill (born c.1134, daughter of Edward de Cornhill, by Godeliva, daughter of Edward of Southwark). He died c.1183.

King Stephen's wife, Queen Matilda, stood her Cambridgeshire estates at Gamlingay as collateral for a loan from the London Justiciar, Gervase Cornhill, (c.1143), during the dispute between her husband and EMPRESS MATILDA. The Queen was unable to repay the debt and Gamlingay eventually became Gervase's

[CORG382] Ralph de Cornhill (3rd son of Gervase), Sheriff of Surrey 1191-94, married Alice de Hastings (see TEDRIC). Ralph died (1194), and afterwards Alice married 2.  Sir Godfrey (see LOUVAIN Second Line).

[CORG381] Henry de Cornhill (born c.1155, eldest son of Gervase), Sheriff of London (1188), Kent and Surrey (1183-91), Chancellor of St. Paul's, had management of the Mint of England (1191), and was chiefly responsible for the organising fleet of ships being prepared at Southampton for the Crusade under King Richard I, married (c.1180) [CURY382] Alice de Curcy (daughter of William II de Curcy, see CURCY).

[CORG392] Joan de Cornhill (daughter of Henry de Cornhill, "a wealthy Londoner") married [NEVL391] Hugh de Neville, see NEVILLE).