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[HATT421] Richard de Hatton, Lord of Hatton and Wroxhall (Warwickshire), held by him of the Earl of Warwick (Henry de Beaumont, see WARWICK (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM).

[HATT431] Hugh FitzRichard de Hatton, brother-in-law of the Earl of Sussex, was a Crusader and had spent seven years in captivity. After his return to England he married Margaret, who had a son Robert (by a previous marriage) and who was Prior at Monmouth Priory. In thanks for his safe return, Hugh gave the Church of Hatton to Monmouth Priory, Afterwards he founded (c.1135-42) Wroxhall Nunnery, and his endowment of Hatton Church was transferred to Wroxhall. Then c.1150 Hugh gave the Church of Claverdon to Monmouth Priory. Margaret's dower was Lydiard Manor (Wilts). In the first half of the 12th Century, Hugh also held Amington Manor (near Tamworth).

[HATT441] William FitzHugh de Hatton (born c.1132, at Armington), held Melcombe Regis (Dorset) and Lydiard (Wilts), married Matilda de Amington. Matilda held Lydiard in dower (1199, possibly when William died, which may explain its later name, Lydiard Milicent, to distinguish it from Lydiard Tregoze). By 1243 Lydiard was held by her grandson Thomas Clinton (see later).

[HATT452] Margery/Margaret de Hatton (sister & coheiress of her brothers Richard and Hugh, and daughter & eventually [by 1221] coheiress of William after the deaths of her brothers Richard and Hugh) married (c.1179) 1. [CLIN451] Osbert de Clinton (see CLINTON); then 2. Richard de Beauchamp; then 3. (by 1221) John d'Abitot.