Revised 03/12/2019



[GREN451] Alexander de Greene (born 1181, son of [PORH361] Geoffrey de Porhoet, see PORHOET), married 1. Isabella Devereux (born 1186), died c.1236; then 2. Isabelle de Cantilupe). Alexander died c.1236, and Isabelle died 1295.

[GREN461] Sir Walter de Grene de Boketon (born 1206, son of Alexander & Isabella Devereux), married [ARU2473] Isabel (born 1214, daughter of Sir John FitzAlan, Lord of Clun & Oswestry & Isabella). Isabella died 1232 and Walter died c.1262.

[GREN471] Sir John de Greene, 3rd Lord of Boketon (born 1232), married -. He died in Palestine during the 7th Crusade (1271).

[GREN481] Thomas de Greene, 4th Lord of Boketon (born c.1260), married Alice Bottisham (daughter of Thomas Bottisham). Alice died 1314 and Thomas died aft.1319.

[GREN491] Thomas de Greene, 5th Lord of Boketon (born c.1288, son of Thomas and Alice), married 1. [ZOUC423] Lucy de la Zouche (daughter of Eudo la Zouche, see HARYNGWORTH (ZOUCHE) BARONY).

[GREN491] Thomas de Greene married 1. [ZOUC423] Lucy de la Zouche (daughter of Eudo la Zouche, see HARYNGWORTH (ZOUCHE) BARONY, died 23 October 1326; then 2. Christian. Thomas died c.1352.

[GREN501] Sir Henry Green, Lord Chancellor of England, Chief Justice of the King's Bench, (born 1310, son of Thomas & Lucy), married Katherine (born c.1319, daughter of Sir John de Drayton and Philippe d'Ardenne). Philippe died 5 November 1387 and Henry died 6 August 1369.

[GREN511] Sir Henry Green, the younger, Lord Drayton, Chief Justice if the King's Bench, (born 1347, son of Sir Henry Green and Katherine),  married Matilda de Maudit (daughter of Sir Thomas de Maudit and Joan). Henry was executed 2 September 1399 and Matilda died 1404.

[GREN522] Eleanor Green (daughter of Sir Henry Green and Matilda), married [FWIL521] Sir John FitzWilliam (born 25 July 1377, son of Sir William).  William died 5 July 1417 and Eleanor died bef. 1423.