Revised 25/01/2018


Henry Cattill STUBBS                   Ellen Eliza COLLARD
Born 1823                              Born 1830
  at Barrow (RUT)                        at Marylebone (MDX)

Bapt 6 Jul 1823
  at Cottesmore (RUT), St Nicholas

Parents Henry/Betsy                    Parents William/

Married 1851 at Marylebone (MDX), All Souls
Clerk in Holy Orders, of pa. Cheslsea, St Luke;
bride of pa. of All Souls
(Henry's father : Henry, builder;
 Ellen's father : William, clerk in the Bank of England, deceased)
Witnesses Isabella RICHMOND   -
          3 others unreadable
Died 1891 (age 66)                     Died 1915 (age 85)
  at Chester (CHS)                       at Bromley (KEN)

Addresses :
1881    Warrington, Training College (clerk, principal)

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Frank Henry **       b 16/11/51 Warrington; c 19/12/51; d 19/9/81 Georgetown
Edith                b 1853 Warrington
Ellen Mary           b 1863 Warrington
Ethel Flora Collard  b 1869 Warrington; d 1947 Maidstone Reg. Dist. (age 77)
Violet Catherine     b 1876 Warrington; d 1951 Bromley KEN (age 75)
** Information about their son Frank Henry Stubbs (from Cambridge Alumni)
admitted pens. at St Johns College Cambridge 27/5/1870
  only son of Revd. Henry C. Stubbs, who was Principal at the Training
  College, Warrington, and his wife Ellen Eliza
School - Christs Hospital
Matric - Michaelmas 1870
Scholar - 1872
BA (4th Wrangler) - 1874
MA - 1877
Asst. Master at Tonbridge 1875-76
  then at Huddersfield Proprietary College, Yorks 1877-79
2nd master at Queens College, Georgetown, Demerara
Head Master of Government College, Georgetown 1879-81
Died 19/9/1881 at Georgetown of yellow fever

Censuses :
1881 Census  3796-52  Warrington (LAN), House of Training College
Hy C             Stubbs  H    M 56 clerk, principal of --
                                          T college  Barrow RUT
Helen Eliza      Stubbs  W    M 51                   Marylebone MDX
Ellen Mary       Stubbs  D    U 18 scholar           Warrington
Ethel F          Stubbs  D    - 11 scholar           Warrington
Violet Catherine Stubbs  D    -  4                   Warrington
Mary Ann E       Collard Sr/L U 60 retired teacher   Marylebone
Elizabeth        Boscow  Sv   - 17 gen servant       Woolston Warrington
1901 Census  685-48  Bromley (KEN), High Street, Bromley College
(a charitable institution for the widows of clergyman)
Ellen Eliza Stubbs H W 71                          Gt. Carth. St. London
Ethel H C   Stubbs D S 30                          Warrington CHS !
Violet C    Stubbs D S 22 clerk Prudential Ins Co. Warrington
1911 Census           Bromley (KEN), Bromley College
                      [Institution of the widows of Clergymen]
Ellen Eliza         Stubbs   H  W 81 private means London
Ethel Flora Collard Stubbs   D  S 33 clerk, publishers  Warrinton LAN
Violet Catherine    Stubbs   D  S 28 clerk, Prudential  Warrington
Hatty Amy           Mooney   Sv S 26 nurse              Yeovil SOM
Agnes Ann           Francies Sv S 21 general servant    Sevenoaks KEN