Revised 25/01/2018


Henry Edward BREAKER                   Alice Maud BODDY
Born 1869                              Born 1869
  at Newbridge (IRL)                     at Acomb

                                       Baptised 24 Oct 1869
                                         at Acomb, St Stephen

Parents Edward/Ellen                   Parents William/Anna

Married 20 Dec 1890 at Bradford, St Peter
Clerk of Bolton Road; bride Domestic Servant of 8 West x Horton
(Henry Edward's father : innkeeper; bride's father : unreadable)

Witnesses Mary Louisa BODDYE      Alice Maud's sister
          Edward BREAKER          Henry's father

Died 1891-1901

Afterwards Alice Maud married 2. Vincent Bentley
Addresses :
1891    Bradford  7 Salisbury Street (clerk)
1901    Leeds, 42 Grafton Street (Alice, lodging house keeper)
Children :
Edward William     b 1892 Bradford 
Censuses :
1871 Census  817-121  Aldershot (Hampshire), Army Barracks
Edward           Breaker M  M 34 Band Serjeant 9th Lancers Canterbury KEN
Ellen            Breaker W  M 29                           Brighton SSX
Edwin Francis    Breaker S  - 16 scholar                   Dublin, Co. Dublin IRL 
                                                          [b 9/4/1865]
Henry Edward     BREAKER S  -  2                           Newbridge, Co. Kildare IRL 
                                                          [b 9/12/1868]
Ellen Eliza Emma Breaker D  -  1                           Aldershot, Hampshire
1881 Census  4763-19  Sculcoates, 44 Clifton Street
Edward           Breaker H  M 48 Chelsea Pensioner         Belfast IRL
Ellen            Breaker W  M 34                           Brighton SSX
Edwin F          Breaker S  - 16 clerk                     Dublin  IRL
Henry Edwd       BREAKER S  - 12 clerk                     Newbridge IRL
Emmie R C        Breaker D  -  6 scholar                   Hull
Robert B         Breaker S  -  5 scholar                   Hull
1891 Census  3626-139  Bradford, 7 Salisbury Street
Henry Edward     BREAKER H  M 22 clerk                     Newbridge IRL
Alice Maud       BREAKER W  M 21                           Acomb
1901 Census  4228-77  Leeds, 32 Grafton Street
Alice            BREAKER H  W 32 lodging house keeper      Acomb
Edward W         Breaker D  -  9                           Bradford 
Mary             Rowley  Sv D 20 general servant           Scarbro
Albert           Ramsden Bd S 22 butcher                   Newcastle NBL