Revised 25/01/2018


Henry SQUIRES                          Sarah STUBBS
Born 1822                              Born 1820
  at Stamford Baron (NTH)                at Barrowden (RUT)

Bapt 6 Jul 1822                        Baptised 10 Sep 1820
  at Stamford, St Martin                 at Barrowden, St Peter

Parents John/Ann                       Parents Isaac/Ann

Married 14 Aug 1845 at Stamford (LIN), All Saints
Stone Sawyer; both of North Road

Witnesses Thomas LEES
          Jane C BATES

Died 1890 (age 67)                     Died 1902 (age 81)          

Addresses :
1851    Stamford, North Road (publican)
1871              Casterton Road, "Sawyers Arms" --
                                 (beer house keeper & stone merchant)
1881              North Road (general labourer)
1891              15 Truesdales Hospital, Alms House (Sarah, widow)

Censuses :
1851 Census  2094-119  Stamford (LIN), North Road
Henry Squires H  M 28 publican Stamford
Sarah Squires W  M 30          Barrowden RUT
Maria Stubbs  Nc!- 15 svt      Barrowden   [Sarah's sister]
1861 Census  2311-110  Stamford (LIN), Broad Street
Henry Squires   H      M 38 stone sawyer, publican Stamford
Sarah Squires   W      M 40                        Barrowden RUT 
Thos  Stubbs    Br/Law W 31                        Barrowden
Alfred E Stubbs Br/Law - 16                        Barrowden
Mary A Newman   Nc     -  7                        Barrowden

1871 Census  3309-107  Stamford, Casterton Road, "Sawyers Arms"
Henry       Squires H M 48 beer house keeper & --
                           stone merchant      Stamford Baron NTH
Sarah       Squires W M 50                     Barrowden RUT
Alfred Edwd Stubbs  B U 25 quarryman           Barrowden      [Br/Law]

1881 Census  3191-42  Stamford, North Road
Henry Squires H M 57 gen labourer Stamford
Sarah Squires W M 60              Barrowden RUT

1891 Census  2552-65  Stamford, 15 Truesdales Hospital, Alms House
Sarah Squires H W 70 living on pension Barrowden RUT
1901 Census  3020-58  Stamford, 4 Fryers Almshouses
Sarah Squires H     W 80 widow of Henry Squires, ---
                                        stone sawyer Barrowden
Sarah Woods   Nurse S 61 sick nurse                  Stamford Baron NTH