Revised 25/01/2018


Henry STUBBS                           Betsy CATTILL
Born 1793                              Born 1791
  at Greetham (RUT)                      at Tottenham (MDX)

Bapt 14 Jun 1793
  at Greetham, St Mary

Parents Thomas/Mary

Married 30 May 1820 at Cottesmore (RUT), St Nicholas

Died 1854                              Died 1867 (age 76)
                                         at Barrow (RUT)

Bu'd 28 Sep 1854                       Buried 15 Jun 1867
  at Cottesmore, St Nicholas             at Cottesmore, St Nicholas

Addresses :
1841    Barrow (carpenter)
1851           (Henry only, carpenter & retailer of beer)
1851    London, Finsbury, 45 Tabernacle Wath (Elizabeth)
1861    Barrow (Betsy, widow, publican)

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Richard Henry      b Barrow; c 14/10/21 Cottesmore; m. Mary Ann Stevenson
Henry Cattill      b Barrow; c 6/7/23 Cottesmore; m. Ellen Eliza Collard
Gerard Hutchinson  b 1829 Barrow; m1. Elizabeth Stevenson; m2. Alice Hibbitt

Censuses :
1841 Census  894/5-5  Barrow (RUT)
Henry     Stubbs 45 carpenter Y
Elizabeth Stubbs 50           N
Henry     Stubbs 15           Y
Gerard    Stubbs 13           Y

1851 Census  2092-78  Barrow
Henry    Stubbs H  M 58 carpenter & retailer of beer Greetham
Ann      Stubbs Sr U 67 annuitant                    Greetham
Gerard H Stubbs S  U 22 journeyman carpenter         Barrow
         [Henry's wife not with family]

1851 Census  1523-76  London (MDX), Finsbury, 45 Tabernacle Wath
Richard Henry Stubbs H  M 29 constable Metropolitan Police
                                                Barrowden RUT
Mary Ann      Stubbs W  M 29                    Carlby LIN
Elizabeth     Stubbs Mr M 60                    St Pancras

1861 Census  2305-50  Barrow
Gerard H Stubbs H  M 22 carpenter       Barrow
Alice    Stubbs W  M 27                 Exton
Henry W  Stubbs S  -  2                 Barrow
Mary B   Stubbs D  - 11m                Barrow
Betsey   Stubbs Mr W 70 b... & publican Tottenham MDX