Revised 25/01/2018



[HERA121] Governor Heraclius of Carthage m. Epiphanea
. [HERA131] Emperor Heraclius of the East m1. [LIBY132] Eudokia
. . [HERA142] Epiphania m. [KHAZ382] King Harbis of the Khazars
. . [HERA141] Emperor Constantine III of the East m. [BYZO142] Gregoria of Byzantium
. . . [HERA151] Emperor Constans II of the East m. [ARSH152] Fausta of Armenia
. . . . [HERA161] Emperor Constantine IV of the East m. Anastasia
. . . . . [HERA171] Emperor Justinian II of the East m1. Eudokia
. . . . . . [HERA182] Princess Anastasia of Byzantium m. [BULG171] Khan Tervel of Bulgaria

[HERA121] Heraclius the elder, of Cappadocia, ruler as Exarch [Governor] of Carthage, married Epiphanea.

[HERA131] Heraclius, head of the fleet under his father, had the tyrant EMPEROR PHOCUS (ruled 23rd November 4th October 610, last Emperor of the Justin Dynasty) executed (610). Heraclius straightaway married (610) [LIBY132] Fabia of Eudocia (born c.580, daughter of Proba, see LIBYA). She then became Eudokia and he was crowned as the new EMPEROR (610-41). Eudocia died in Constantinople (12th August 612), and afterwards Heraclius married 2. his first-cousin Martina.

[HERA132] Epiphania (daughter of Heraclius & Fabia) married [KHAZ382] King Harbis of Khazaria, see KHAZARIA KINGDOM).

[HERA141] Constantine III (son of Heraclius & Eudocia), co-Regent (613-41), EMPEROR (11th February to September of 641, jointly with his brother Heraclonas), married [BYZO142] Gregoria of Byzantium (born c.612, daughter of Niketas of Byzantium (see THEODORUS OF BYZANTIUM).

[HERA151] Constans II pogonatus [bearded] (born at Constantinople, 7th November 639), co-Regent (641), EMPEROR (September 641-15th September 668), married [ARSH141] Fausta (daughter of Valentinian, see ARSHAKUNI PRINCEDOM). He was murdered in his bath at Syracuse (15th September 668).

[HERA161] Constantine IV (born c.652), co-regent (654-68), EMPEROR (15th September 668-September 685), married Anastasia.

[HERA171] Justinian II rhinotmetus [slit-nosed] (born c.668), married 1. Eudokia; then 2. Theodora of Khazars. He was EMPEROR (September 685-695, deposed and had his nose cut off, reinstated August 705-December 711, again deposed). He was beheaded 11th December 711.

[HERA182] Anastasia (daughter of Justinian & Eudokia) married [BULG181] King Tervel of Bulgaria, see BULGARIA.