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 [HEWT631] Peter Hewitt had at least one child, as follows:

[HEWT641] Peter Hewitt (born 1767, son of Peter), cordwainer, married (at Manchester, Sts. Mary, Denys & George, 27th April 1795) [HAND642] Ann Handford (see HANDFORD above), witnessed by John Hanson. They had three children, as follows, (mother shown as Nancy):

Peter died age 64 (buried at Bowdon, 17th July 1831 NBI). Nancy [Ann] possibly died age 71 (buried at Bowdon, 1st November 1835 NBI).

[HEWT651] John Hewitt (born 1799, son of Peter), cordwainer, married 1. (at Manchester, Sts. Mary, Denys & George, 1st November 1818) [ADSH652] Mary Adshead, witnessed by Joseph Adshead. Mary was possibly (without proof) illegitimate daughter of Betty Adshead, born at "Kennerdy" [possibly Kenworthy?] (25th May 1800), baptised at Northenden (26th June 1800). They had at least five children, as follows:

Afterwards, [HEWT651] John Hewitt (shoe maker) married 2. (at Manchester, St John, 25th February 1836) [DARB652] Mary Darbyshire (born 1796, see DARBYSHIRE), witnessed by T. Murray and Richd Greatrix. The marriage entry shows Mary Darbyshire (widow), but as her mother was Elizabeth Darbyshire (see 1851 Census below), it is possible she was a widow but used her maiden name for her second marriage.

John and and his 2nd wife Mary were at Sale (1841 Census), Cross Street, Sale (1851 Census) and 34 Bradshaw Street, Hulme (1861 Census). At the 1851 Census, living with them was Mary's mother [BROH642] Elizabeth Darbyshire (formerly Brownhill). John died age 67 (buried at Bowdon, 16th March 1865 NBI). Mary died age 82 (buried at Bowdon, 21st September 1878 NBI).

[HEWT661] John Hewitt (born 1831, son of John), had a liaison with his step-mother's niece [DARB652] Eliza Derbyshire (see DARBYSHIRE). It seems likely Eliza had a child by him (April 1853) though the child was registered and baptised as being a child of Samuel Hampson, whom Eliza had married eight months previously. It seems likely Samuel was not aware she was pregnant when they married, and subsequently abandoned her. Eliza then went to live with John Hewitt. As she was already married to Samuel Hampson she was not free the marry, and John and Eliza simply lived together as husband and wife. Altogether John Hewitt and Eliza had three children, as follows:

The family lived variously at Manor Hill Sutton (1858), Manor Street Sutton (1861), Whiston (1871), 7 West View, Huyton (1881), where John was variously a joiner or carpenter. Eliza died (age 54) of pneumonia at West View, Huyton Quarry (19th January 1883, and buried at Huyton, 23rd January 1883). At the 1891 Census he was living with his brother Peter at Sale (mentioned earlier), and at the 1901 census with his son Thomas. John died (age 72) of senile decay at his son Thomas' house, 308 Crow Lane West, Newton-in-Makerfield (24th July 1903, and buried at Huyton, 27th July 1903).


John Hewitt = Mary Darbyshire
1841 Census  91/5-3  Ashton on Mersey (CHS), Sale
John           HEWITT            40 shoemaker
Mary           HEWITT            40
Nancy          Hewitt            20
John           Hewitt            10
Peter          Hewitt             6
William        Thomas            20 shoemaker journeyman
1851 Census  2162-275  Ashton on Mersey, Sale, Cross Street
John           HEWITT     H    M 52 shoemaker      Ashton
Mary           HEWITT     W    M 54                Sale
Elizabeth      Darbyshire Mr/L W 77                Sale [formerly Brownhill]
Peter          Hewitt     S    - 16 shoemaker's ap Sale
Wm Thomas      Hewitt     S    U 30 shoemaker's j. Churton
1861 Census  2897-16 Hulme (LAN), 34 Bradshaw Street
John           HEWITT     H    M 62 shoe maker     Sale CHS
Mary           HEWITT     W    M 64                Sale
William        Thomas     H    U 43 shoe maker     Churton
David          Brownhill  Lr   U 21 fustian cutter Sale
James          Jones      Lr   U 36 plaisterer     WLS
1871 Census 4002-93  Hulme (LAN), 34 Bradshaw Street
William Thomas Hewitt**   H    U 53 shoemaker      Churton CHS paralysed
Mary           HEWITT     Bd   W 73 house keeper   Northenden CHS
John           Tattersall Bd   M 26 house keeper   Manchester 
Jane           Tattersall W    M 26 house keeper   Sale Moor CHS 
Elzth          Tattersall D    -  5 scholar        Manchester  
Thomas B       Hyde       Bd   U 29 book-keeper    Macclesfield CHS crippled from birth
James          Grimwood   Bd   U 42 labourer       Rockliffe
            ** Entered as William Thomas, i.e. Thomas given as surname
John Hewitt = Eliza Hampson nee Derbyshire
1861 Census  2753-125  Sutton (LAN)  Manor Street
John           HEWITT  H   M 30 joiner                Ashton CHS
Eliza          HEWITT  W   M 30                       Cheadle CHS
Mary           Hewitt  D   -  7 scholar               Cheadle
Annie          Hewitt  D   -  2                       Sutton
1871 Census  3860-79  Whiston (LAN)  Church Row
John           HEWITT  H   M 40 joiner & carpenter    Sale CHS
Eliza          HEWITT  W   M 42                       Cheadle CHS
Mary           Hewitt  D   - 17                       Cheadle
Annie          Hewitt  D   - 12 scholar               Sutton
Thomas         Hewitt  S   -  9 scholar               Sutton
1881 Census  3722-69  Huyton (LAN)  7 West View
John           HEWITT  H   M 50 joiner                Sale CHS
Eliza          HEWITT  W   M 52                       Didsbury
Annie          Hewitt  D   U 22 school teacher        St Helens
Thomas         Hewitt  S   U 19 colliery office clerk St Helens
1891 Census  2826-18  Sale (CHS)  48 Wardle Road & shop (pa. St Anne)
Peter          Hewitt  H   M 54 grocer                Sale
Sarah          Hewitt  W   M 56                       Bowdon
John R         Goulden S-S U 29 asst                  Bowdon
John           HEWITT  B   W 63 asst                  Sale
1901 Census 3574-42  Newton in Makerfield (LAN), 308 Crow Lane West
Thomas         Hewitt  H   M 39 colliery clerk        St. Helens
Margaret       Hewitt  W   M 40                       Liverpool
Hilda E        Hewitt  D   S 15                       Huyton 
George W       Hewitt  S   S 13                       Huyton
John F         Hewitt  S   - 11                       Huyton
Margaret       Hewitt  D   - 10                       Huyton 
Charles A      Hewitt  S   -  7                       Huyton
Thomas O       Hewitt  S   -  5                       Huyton
William A      Hewitt  S   -  3                       Huyton
Jessie         Hewitt  D   - 11m                      Earlestown
John           HEWITT  F   W 70 joiner                Sale CHS
William O      Wilson  B/L S 29 engine fitter's 
                                      labourer        Huyton