Revised 30/11/2019


(WEST FRIESLAND prior to 1101)
(present-day Netherlands)


The first Count, Dirk (otherwise Dietrich, Thierry, or Theodoric), was descended from the Vikings who had established a base in the delta in the 9th Century.

[HOLL281] Dirk I (or Theoderic/Thierry) I (born c.890, of unknown origin, though there are several theories), Count in Kennemerland, married [NORG262] Geva/Gerberge (born 911) of Nordgau, heiress of Friesland, (see NORDGAU COUNTY). He was 1st Count of Holland (916-39). Dirk was granted lands near Haarlem (922), in the district of Kennemerland. He died 6th October 939.

[HOLL291] Dirk was perhaps Count of Holland (939-c.947), but appears to have overlooked in various sources.

[HOLL301] Dirk II (born c.930) married (c.945-50) [FLAN302] Hildegard (born c.934, see FLANDERS COUNTY). He was 2nd Count of Holland (939-88). He died at Egmond (6th May 988), and Hildegard died 10th April 990. The German biography says it is not certain "Obe er Sohn oder Enkel von Dietrich I" [i. e. whether he is son or grandson of Dietrich I].

[HOLL311] Arnulf (born c.950-55) married (May 980) [LUXE312] Liutgard (see LUXEMBOURG COUNTY). He was 3rd Count of Holland (988-93). He was killed in battle at Winkel (West-Friesland), (18th September 993), and Liutgard died 14th May 1005.

[HOLL329] Aleida (daughter of Arnulf) married 1. [BOUL311] Count Baldwin (see BOULOGNE), died 1033; then 2. [PONT311] Count Enguerrand (see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY).

[HOLL321] Dirk III (born c.985, son of Arnulf), 4th Count of Holland (993-1039), married [SNOR372] Othelindis de Haldensleben (daughter of March Count Bernhard I, see NORDMARK (SAXON)). Dirk repulsed the DUKE OF LORRAINE in a famous battle on the dikes. He was the first to use the name of Holland in his title. (Holland, or Holt-land, means marshland.) He died 27th May 1039, and Othilde died 9th March 1044.

[HOLL332] Suanehildis/Irmengarde (daughter of Dirk III) married (before 1055) [LOOZ331] Count Immo (see LOOZ COUNTY).

[HOLL331] Florent (or Floris) I (born c.1017, son of Dirk III) married (c.1050) [SAX2359] Gertrude (born c.1030, see SAXONY (BILLUNG) NOBILITY). He was 6th Count of Holland (1049-61), succeeding his brother Dirk IV, 5th Count, who died unmarried. Floris was murdered at Hamerth (28th June 1061), and afterwards Gertrude married 2. (1063) [FLAN341] Robert I the Frisian (see FLANDERS COUNTY), and died 4th August 1113.

[HOLL342] Bertha (born c.1058, daughter of Floris I) married (1073) [CAPE341] King Philip I (see CAPETIAN HOUSE).

 [HOLL343] Adele de Holland (daughter of Florent de Hollande, Comte de Frise, married [GUIZ343] Boudouin de Guisnes (see GUISNES COUNTY).