The descent here is based on the possibility that Samuel Woodley came from Stepney (London), and Martha Holyday's grand-parents also came from Stepney.
Both families also had Wapping connections.

IGI denotes details extracted from International Genealogical Index, but not checked at source



There were three William Long's born at Stepney in the 1640's.

[LONX601] William Long (-) married (at Saint Marylebone, St. Marylebone Road, 6th June 1680) [RBNS602] Elenor Robinson.

There was an Elina Robinson (born 22nd September 1660, baptised at Westminster, St. Martin in the Fields, 23rd September 1660), daughter of John & Elizabeth.

William (who was a cooper) & Elenor had at least three children, born at Ratcliffe, and baptised at Stepney, St. Dunstan, as follows:

Hellen (baptised 29th February 1683/4);

[LONX612] Hannah (baptised 1st September 1687, age 1 day), married (at Stepney, St. Dunstan, 1st January 1707) [WDLY611] John Woodley (see WOODLEY);

Samuel (baptised 16th February 1689-90).


[HOLD601] Humphrey Holiday (-) married (at Wapping, 17th June 1684 IGI) Elizabeth Snoden. They had at least ten children:

Humphrey (baptised at Stepney, 19th February 1684-85 IGI);

[HOLD611] Jonas (baptised at Stepney, 7th October 1688 IGI), married Sarah Matthews, see later;

Sarah (baptised at Stepney, 4th April 1690 IGI), married (at Stepney, 28th December 1710 IGI) Richard Wills;

Elizabeth (baptised at Stepney, 3rd May 1691 IGI);

Mary (baptised at Stepney, 16th October 1692 IGI), died young;

Mary (baptised at Stepney, 30th August 1694) IGI), perhaps married (at Kelvedon 20th November 1709 IGI) John Tomson;

Anne (baptised at Stepney, 18th August 1695 IGI);

Thomas (baptised at Stepney, 22nd November 1696 IGI), died young;

Hannah (baptised at Stepney, 7th May 1699 IGI);

Thomas (baptised at Stepney, 25th July 1701 IGI), married (at Stepney, 19th June 1725 IGI) Mary Anderson.

[HOLD611] Jonas Holidy (born 1688) married (at Kelvedon, 22nd November 1708 IGI) Sarah Matthews (possibly baptised at Great Baddow, February 1690 IGI, daughter of Henry, see entry following).

Henry Mattheus of Baddow married (at Garfield sic, 4th December 1682 IGI) Mary Taylor of Writtle.

Jonas & Sarah possibly had the following children:

Sarah (baptised at Kelvedon, 25th December 1710 IGI);

[HOLD622] Martha (possibly born c. 1712), married  (at Kelvedon, 7th December 1731) [WDLY621] Samuel Woodley (born 1712, see WOODLEY);

William (baptised at Kelvedon, 24th January 1716 IGI).

However, Martha (daughter of James Holyday & Martha), baptised at Stepney (1st February 1701 IGI), may be the Martha who married Samuel Woodley (who came from Stepney) though age-wise the other version seems more probable..