[HOOD581] Henry Hood m1. ?
. [HOOD591] John Hud m2. [CLKE592] Barbara Clarke
. . [HOOD601] George Hood m. [CASS602] Dorothy Casson
. . . [HOOD611] George Hudd m1. [CART612] Margarett Carter
. . . . [HOOD621] John Hood m2. [WRAY622] Anne
. . . . . [HOOD632] Elizabeth Hood m. [WAYN631] Thomas Wayne

[HOOD581] Henry Hood and his 1st wife had two children:

[HOOD591] John (-), married 1. Margarett Richardson, then 2. Barbara Clarke; then 3. Margret Kay, see later;

Lancelot (born at Asenbie, and baptised at Topcliffe, 23rd September 1571). He died at Asenby (buried at Topcliffe, 2nd June 1584), shown as "son of Henrie Hud deceased".

After his 1st wife died, Henry then married 2. (at Topcliffe, 25th June 1572) Jane Tomson, by whom he had two further children born at Asenbie, and baptised at Topcliffe as follows:

Margaret (baptised 14th February 1573-74);

Katherine (baptised 18th March 1575-76).

Henry, a labourer, died at Asenbie (buried at Topcliffe, 22nd July 1578).

[HOOD591] John Hud of Aynderby married 1. (at Pickhill, 6th October 1583) Margarett Richardson, of Synderby, who may or not have been this particular John. On this presumption, afterwards John Hud married 2. (at Topcliffe, 23rd November 1602) [CLKE592] Barbara Clarke. They had six children at Asenbie, and baptised at Topcliffe as follows:

Alice (baptised 2nd April 1604);

Anne (baptised 21st March 1607-08);

Ralph (baptised "Robert" 24th February 1610-11), married (at Topcliffe, 29th January 1629-30) Doritie Malinson;

William (baptised 6th September 1612);

[HOOD601] George (baptised 19th September 1613), married Dorothy Casson, see later;

Julian (a daughter) (baptised 10th June 1617), lived 1 week.

“Barbary” presumably died at Asenbie (buried at Topcliffe, 10th June 1617), and John afterwards married 3. (at Topcliffe, 29th November 1618) Margret Kay. John and Margret had three further children at Asenbie, baptised at Topcliffe as follows:

Mary (baptised 12th September 1619);

John (baptised 28th October 1621), died (age 2) at Asenbie (buried at Topcliffe, 11th March 1623-24);

Jayne (baptised 19th December 1624).

John "Roode" died at Aysenbe (buried at Topcliffe, 25th May 1628), and "widow Roode" died at Aisenbie also (buried at Topcliffe, 22nd April 1634) .

[HOOD601] George Hood (born 1613), an agriculturer (age 23), married (by licence dated 1640, at a location not known) [CSSN602] Dorothy Casson (born 1618), of Aisenby, Rocliffe, (age 21). They had two children born at Baldersby, and baptised at Topcliffe as follows:

[HOOD611] George (baptised 28th May 1641), married 1. Margarett Carter; then 2. Jane Twounsdaill, see later;

John (baptised 17th March 1643-44).

[HOOD611] George Hudd (born 1641), of Baldersby, married 1. (at Pickhill, 11th May 1667) [CART612] Margarett Carter, of Swaynby (baptised at Pickhill, 15th December 1642, daughter of [CART601] John Carter). They had six children born at Baldersby, and baptised at Topcliffe as follows:

[HOOD621] John (baptised 1st February 1667-68), married 1. Anne Wray; then 2. Anne ---, see later;

George (baptised 29th October 1671);

Mary (baptised 27th June 1675);

Jane (baptised 17th April 1681);

Ann (baptised 30th January 1682-83);

Margarett died (c.1683-87), and George then married 2. (at Topcliffe, 4th May 1687) Jane Twounsdaill both of Baldersby. They had a further four children at Baldersby, and baptised at Topcliffe as follows:

William (baptised 11th March 1687-88), possibly married (at Kirkby Malzeard, 27th June 1709) Ann Sharpe;

George (baptised 12th July 1689);

Thomas (baptised 17th July 1692);

Elizabeth (baptised 10th May 1696), married (at Topcliffe, 25th February 1717-18) William Dawson.

George died at Baldersby (buried at Topcliffe, 30th January 1707-08).

[HOOD621] John Hood (born 1668, son of George & Margaret), of Brimham, married 1. (at Kirkby Malzeard, 29th June 1696) Anne Wray, of Kirkby Malzeard. Their first child was born at Brimham, and baptised at Kirkby Malzeard as follows:

John (baptised 5th September 1697), died young;

There was then a gap until 1708, during which time Anne probably died, (perhaps even as the result of childbirth in 1697). John later married 2. Anne ---. John had eight further children, born at Baldersby, and baptised at Topcliffe as follows:

Anne (baptised at Baldersby, 30th January 1707-08), married (at Topcliffe, 12th November 1734) Richard Aumgill;

[HOOD632] Elizabeth (baptised at Baldersby, 2nd May 1710), married 1. (at Topcliffe, 11th April 1732) Henry Bell, died 1734, then 2. (c.1734-37) [WAYN631] Thomas Wayne (see WAYNE);

Isabel (baptised at Baldersby, 22nd November 1712);

John (baptised at Baldersby, 29th July 1715), married (at Topcliffe, 12th August 1746) Elizabeth Wright;

George (baptised at Baldersby, 7th February 1717-18), died young;

George (baptised at Baldersby, 7th May 1720), lived 13 months;

Eleanor (baptised at Baldersby, 5th June 1724), married (at Topcliffe, 9th April 1751) Thomas Atkinson;

Mary (baptised at Baldersby, 2nd February 1727-28).

The gap between 1697 and 1708 suggests they could have had further children elsewhere. His second wife Anne died at Baldersby (buried at Topcliffe, 9th December 1737), and John died at Baldersby also (buried at Topcliffe, 25th April 1746).