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The early history is confusing and full of speculation Note three persons named Lucy Germund

Robert Hereward (born c.1070-90, of St. Faiths, Norfolk), married Lucy Germund (born c.1085). He died 1127.

Edwin Hereward

Edwin II  ( born c.1050) married Willburga Penda (born c.1055)

Fulco I Hereward (born c.1075) married (c.1100) Lucy Germund

Fulco II Hereward (born 1095) son of either Fulko I or Robert Hereward.I

[HOWA441] Fulko Howard (born c.1115, of Wiggenhall), died 1140.

[HOWA451] Galfridus I Howard (born 1140, of Wiggenhall), died 1165.

[HOWA461] Sir Allan Howard (born c.1165, of Wiggenhall), Lord of Framlingham. He died 1239.

[HOWA471] Sir William Howard (born c.1180, of Wiggenhall). He died 1227.

[HOWA481] John Howard (born c.1215, of Downham), married Lucia Germund (born c.1219 of Wiggenhall, and widow of John Germund). John died after 1267.

[HOWA491] Sir William Howard (born c.1242 probably of Wiggenhall), Justice of Common Pleas, alleged married Alice Fitton (1246-1310, daughter of Sir Edward Fitton, see FITTON)  Sir William died c.1308 and Alice died 1310.

[HOWA501] Sir John Howard I (born c.1276, of Wiggenhall), Sheriff of Norfolk, married [CORZ502] Joane de Cornwall (daughter of [CAUZ491] Earl Richard de Cornwall, see CORNWALL (FITZROY)  EARLDOM).

[HOWA511] Sir John Howard II (born c.1310, of Wiggenhall), Admiral, Captain of the Northern Fleet, married [BOYS5[2] Alice de Boys (born 1314 daughter of [BOYS501 Sir Robert Boys, see BOYS). He died 6th September 1372 (at East Winch, Norfolk).

[HOWA521] Robert Howard (born c.1336, of Wiggenhall, East Winch and Tendring).married [SCAL502] Margaret de Scales (born c.1339, daughter of [SCAL491] Robert de Scales, see SCALES). Robert died 3rd July 1388 and Margaret died 1416.

[HOWA531] Sir John Howard of Wiggenhall (son & heir, born c.1367, of Wiggenhall), married 1. (c.1380) [PLAI532] Margaret de Plaiz (daughter of [PLAI521] Baron John de Plaiz, see PLAIZ BARONY), died 14th August 1391; then 2. Alice Tendring (only daughter and heiress of Sir William Tendring who had died 1408, and widow of Sir Thomas Clopton). Alice died 18th October 1426 and Robert died in Jerusalem on a pilgrimage on 17th November 1437.

[HOWA542] Sir Robert Howard of Stoke Neyland (born 1398, son of [HOWA531] Sir John & Alice), married (1420) Margaret de Mowbray (born 1391, daughter of Thomas Mowbray, DUKE OF NORFOLK)..He died 1436.

[HOWA552] Sir John Howard (born 1425, son of [HOWA542] Sir Robert & Margaret), became 1st DUKE OF NORFOLK (1483-85 (new creation; first creation had been annulled by King  Henry IV in October 1399). Sir John Howard died 1485..

[HOWA541] Sir John Howard of Stoke by Neyland (born c.1374, son of [HOWA531] Sir John Howard of Wiggenhall & Margaret), MP, Sheriff of Essex). John married [WALT542] Joan Walton (daughter of [WALT531] John Walton of Wivenhoe, see WALTON).

John purchased (1437) Brockdish Hall from Thomas Fastolfe, who had acquired it the previous year from the five daughters and coheirs of John Tendring, and who had died 1436.

A slightly different version appeared from Francis Blomefield, noted antiquarian and clergyman (1705-52)

John Tendring owned Brockdish Hall, but had only five daughters when he died (1436). The daughters jointly sold the Hall the following year to Thomas Fastolfe and his heirs. A year later the sisters conveyed all their lands in Wiggenhall, Tilney and Islington to Sir John Howard, who the following year purchased the manor of Fastolfe for himself and heirs but left Brockdish to his younger son Robert Howard who settled there.

John died 13th December 1410 and Joan died 1424.

[HOWA551] Robert Howard (a younger son of John), at Brockdish Hall, married Isabel ---.

[HOWA561] William Howard, of Brockdish, married 1. Alice ---; then 2. Margaret ---. He was recorded as being feudal Lord of Brockdish at 1469.

[HOWA571] Robert Howard (son & heir of William and Margaret) married Joan.

[HOWA581] Thomas Howard (born c.1511, the elder son), of Brockdish, married Alice Wyth. Alice died 1578.

[HOWA591] Robert Howard (elder son), of Brockdish, married [BUXT592] Phillippa Buxton (daughter of [BUXT581] Thomas Buxton, of Tibenham, Nfk, see BUXTON). Robert died 1598, and Phillippa died 1603 at Tibenham.

[HOWA602] Elizabeth Howard (born 1576, baptised 23rd April 1576, at Brockdish, daughter of Robert & Phillippa) married (1606, at Ipswich) [KNAP601] John Knapp (see KNAPP).

[HOWA603] Sir John Howard (born 1st December 1578, son of Robert & Phillipa), married [LOCK612] Elizabeth Lock (born 1576, daughter of Samuel Lock, see LOCKE). John died 4th April 1642, leaving no male issue, only 3 daughters, Grace, Margaret and Elizabeth. Afterwards, therefore, Howard's Place was taken over by his nephew [HOWA611] Matthew HOWARD (see below). Elizabeth died 25th February 1651.

[HOWA601] William Howard (born 1588, son of Robert) sold Brockdish Hall to William le Grice, High Steward of Yarmouth. (died 1593), and purchased instead Howard's Place. He married --- (widow of --- Rickinghall, and daughter of --- Rout). He died leaving lands at Cratfield, Huntingfield, Ubbeston, and Bradfield (all in Suffolk), and the sale of Brockdish Hall had not been completed.

[HOWA611]  Matthew Howard (son of [HOWA601] William), took over Howard's Place from his late uncle [HOWA603] Sir John Howard (see above), who had died without male issue.