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[HOWA541] Sir John Howard m. ?
. [HOWA551] Robert Howard m. Isabel
. . [HOWA561] William Howard m1. Alice
. . . [HOWA571] Robert Howard m. Joan
. . . . [HOWA581] William Howard m. ?
. . . . . [HOWA591] John Howard m. ?
. . . . . . [HOWA602] Elizabeth Howard m. [KNAP601] John Knapp

[HOWA541] Sir John Howard purchased (1437) Brockdish Hall from Thomas Fastolfe, who had acquired it the previous year from the five daughters and coheirs of John Tendring of Brockdish Hall, who had died 1436. There is a tomb in Brockdish church of John Tendring and his wife Cecily). John married 1. ---; then 2. Alice Tendring (presumably the second of the five daughters and coheirs of John Tendring, in which case Alice was the widow of Robert Morton).

[HOWA551] Robert Howard (a younger son of John) married Isabel.

[HOWA561] William Howard, of Brockdish, married 1. Alice; then 2. Margaret. He was feudal Lord of Brockdish at 1469.

[HOWA571] Robert Howard (son & heir of William & Margaret) married Joan.

[HOWA581] William Howard (eldest son & heir of Robert) sold Brockdish Hall to William le Grice (1585), and purchased instead Howard's Place. He married --- (widow of --- Rickinghall, and daughter of --- Rout). He died c.1586, leaving lands at Cratfield, Huntingfield, Ubbeston, and Bradfield (all in Suffolk), and the purchase of Brockdish Hall had not been completed.

[HOWA591] John Howard (born 1st December 1578, son & heir of William) vacated Brockdish Hall, at last, (1598). He left 3 daughters, Grace, Margaret and Elizabeth. Afterwards, Howard's Place was taken over by his nephew Matthew, son of his younger brother William.

[HOWA602] Elizabeth Howard (daughter of John) married [KNAP601] John Knapp (see KNAPP).