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Recommended reading includes: "Historical Dictionary of Hungary" (Vardy, 1997).

[HUNG231] Leader Venedobel I of the Magyars m. ?
. [HUNG241] Ugyek m. Princess Emese of Dentumoger
. . [HUNG251] Prince Almos of Magyars m. ?
. . . [HUNG261] Prince Arpad of Magyars m. ?
. . . . [HUNG271] Prince Zoltan of Magyars m. [KHAJ372] Princess Men of Khazaria
. . . . . [HUNG281] Prince Taksony of Magyars m. --- (a Pecheneg)
. . . . . . [HUNG291] Michael of Hungary m. [POLA302] Adelajda of Poland
. . . . . . . [HUNG301] Prince Vazul of Magyars m. [BULG292] Katun of Bulgaria
. . . . . . . . [HUNG312] King Bela I of Hungary m. [POLA322] Richenza of Poland
. . . . . . . . . [HUNG322] Sophie of Hungary m2. [SAX2361] Duke Magnus of Saxony
. . . . . . . . [HUNG311] King Andrew I of Hungary m2. [KIVE333] Anastasia of Russia
. . . . . . . . . [HUNG323] Adelheid of Hungary m. [BOHE321] Duke Vratislav II of Poland

[HUNG231] Venedobel I, Leader of the Magyars.

[HUNG241] Ugyek, Leader of the Magyars, married Emese/Emse (daughter of Prince Onedbelia of Dentumoger).

[HUNG251] Almos [means sleepy] (born c.820), Chief Prince of the Magyars, was a leader of the Hungarian Tribal Federation, died in Transylvania (c.895).

[HUNG261] Arpad (born c.840), led the Magyars (a Finno-Ugric tribe) over the Carpathian Mountains to take possession of the Great Hungarian Plain (c.895). Prince of Magyars (896-907). He died 907.

[HUNG271] Zoltan (Zsolt or Solt) (born c.896) was Prince of Magyars (907-946, abdicated). He married (906) [KHAJ372] Princess Men (see KHAZARIA KINGDOM). Zoltan died 949.

[HUNG281] Taksony (born c.915) became Prince of Magyars (955-72) after the Battle of Augsburg (955) which ended Hungarian marauding expeditions towards the west. He married (947) --- (unnamed Pecheneg), and died 972.

[HUNG291] Michael (born at Esztergom, 955) married [POLA302] Adelajda (see POLAND DUKEDOM). He died c.978, and afterwards Adelajda married 2. Michael's brother, DUKE GEZA.

[HUNG301] Vazul [Basil] the blind (born 976), Prince, said to have married (before 1012) [BULG292] Katun (thought to be daughter of Tsar Samuel, see BULGARIA). He was blinded (1031) on instructions from King Stephen's wife Gisella to prevent him taking the throne, and died at Frehjahr (1037).

[HUNG311] Andrew I the Catholic (born at Esztergom, c.1015, son of Vazul) married 1. --- (unnamed, said to be a pagan from Hungary); then 2. (1039) [KIEV333] Anastasia (born c.1023, see KIEV PRINCEDOM). He was King of Hungary (1046-60), and died at Zircz (1060-61).

[HUNG323] Adelheid (born c.1040, daughter of Andrew I & Anastasia) married (1057) [BOHE321] DUKE VRATISLAV II (see BOHEMIA DUKEDOM).

[HUNG312] Bela I (born at Esztergom, c.1018, son of Vazul) succeeded his brother Andrew as King of Hungary (1060-63). He married (c.1042) [POLA322] Richenza/Ryksa (born 1015, daughter of King Mieszko II, see POLAND DUKEDOM). Bela died in an accident at Nyitra, after his throne toppled on top of him (11th September 1063).

[HUNG322] Sophie (daughter of Bela I) married 1. (1062) March Count Ulrich II of Carinthia & Istria, died March 1070; then 2. (1071) [SAX2361] DUKE MAGNUS (see SAXONY (BILLUNG) NOBILITY).