Revised 25/01/2018


James BLACKBURN                        Mary WOODSON
Born 1800                              Born 1800
  at West Hardwick                       at Pontefract

                                       Baptised 13 Jul 1800
                                         at Pontefract, St Giles

                                       Parents John/Sarah

Married 26 Nov 1825 at Brotherton, St Edward the Confessor
Farmer of Normington

Witnesses Richard HASLEHURST      -
          Betty HALL              -
Died 1871-81                           Died 1880 (age 79)
                                         at Hunslet Reg. Dist.

Addresses :
1851    Hunslet  Ebony Street, Marrison Buildings (railway guard)
1871    Leeds  18 New Cleveland Street (Mary  widow)

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Mary             b 1830 Ferrybridge
Margaret         b 1832 Ferrybridge

Censuses :
1851 Census  2318-337  Hunslet, Ebony Street, Marrisons Buildings
James    BLACKBURN  H   M 50 railway guard  West Hardwick
Mary     BLACKBURN  W   M 50                Pontefract
Mary     Blackburn  D   U 21 boot binder    Ferrybridge
Margaret Blackburn  D   U 19 dress maker    Ferrybridge
John     Wilkinson  V   U 21 porter         Monk Bretton
John     Hattersley V   U 29 porter         Dodsworth
1861 Census  3370  Leeds, 29 Banner Street
Mary     BLACKBURN  H   W 60                Pontefract
Mary E   Pickering  G/D - 11                Hunslet
         plus two lodgers
1871 Census  4558-39  Leeds, 18 New Cleveland Street (pa. St Clement)
George   Woodson    H   W 72 rent collector Pontefract
Mary     BLACKBURN  Sr  W 70                Pontefract