Revised 27/07/2019


James CHANTLER                         Mary Ann DARBYSHIRE
Born 29 Jan 1850                       Born 12 Jun 1853
  at Barton-on-Irwell (LAN)              at Cheadle Moseley

Bapt 19 May 1850
  at Cheadle (CHS), St Mary

Parents John/Mary                      Parents
Thomas/Mary Ann

Married 2 Jul 1873 at Stockport (CHS), St Mary
Joiner; both of Gatley Green
(James' father : miller)

Witnesses Joseph ISHERWOOD        -
          Betsey DERBYSHIRE       Mary Ann's sister

Died 1900 age 50                       Died 1919 (age 65)
  at Chorlton Reg. Dist                  at Cheadle Hulme

                                       Buried 2 Apr 1919
                                         at Cheadle Cemetery

Addresses :
1875    Cheadle, Cheadle Moseley, Brookside Farm (joiner)
1881             Wilmslow Road (James, joiner)
1881             Cheadle Moseley, Brookside Farm (Mary Ann)
1891             42 Cheadle Road (Mary Ann, general servant)

John             b 11/2/75 Cheadle; c 4/4/75 Cheadle;
                 m. (23 January 1905, Cheadle Hulme, All Saints) Elizabeth Woodall


1851 Census  2218-308  Barton on Irwell (LAN), Dumplington
John     Chantler    H   M 23 miller              Hail ! CHS
Mary     Chantler    W   M 24                     Hail !
Thomas   Chantler    Fr  W 52 miller              Hale
Wheatley Chantler    Vis U 20 miller              Bowdon CHS
William  Chantler    Lr  - 16                     Bowdon
James    Chantler    Lr  - 12 fustian cutter      Bowdon
[James age 1 not with parents]
1861 Census  2572  Cheadle Bulkeley (CHS), Turnpike Road
James     Unsworth   H   M 49 joiner & carpenter  Cheadle
Elisabeth Unsworth   W   M 37                     Bowden
James     CHANTLER   Nw  - 11 scholar             Barton LAN
1871 Census  3666  Cheadle Bulkeley, Cheadle Village
James     Unsworth   H   M 50 joiner              Cheadle
Elizabeth Unsworth   W   M 47 domestic duty       Bowden
1871 Census James Chantler not found
1881 Census  3484-48  Cheadle Moseley (CHS), Brookside Farm
Thomas    Derbyshire H   M 78 farmer              Northenden
Mary A    Derbyshire W   M 66                     Cheadle
Mary A    CHANDLER   D   M 27                     Cheadle
John      Chandler   G/S -  5                     Cheadle
Thomas    Johnson    Lr  U 64 gardener            Lindall LAN
1881 Census  3484-42  Cheadle, Wilmslow Road
James     Unsworth   H   M 60 joiner              Cheadle
Elizabeth Unsworth   W   M 57                     Bowdon
James     CHANTLER   Nw  M 31 joiner              Barton LAN
1891 Census  2805-43  Cheadle, 42 Cheadle Road
Mary Ann  Derbyshire H   W 73 living on own means Outwood
Mary A    CHANTLER   D   M 38 genl servant        Cheadle
John      Chantler   G/S - 16 coachbuilder's asst Cheadle
Maria A   Morton     Sis W 68                     Outwood
1891 Census  3163-26  Withington (LAN), Manchester Rd, Cottage
Dinah     Mellor     H   W 50 laundress           Withington
John F    Mellor     S   S 19 gardener            Withington
James     CHANTLER   Lr  M 44 joiner              Barton on Irwell
1901 Census  3301-16  Cheadle Hulme CHS)
Mary Ann  CHANTLER   H   W 47 day work, domestic  Cheadle CHS
1911 Census not located