Revised 25/01/2018


James LEE                               Ruth WEBSTER
Born 1849                               Born 1851
  at Eccleshill                           at Dewsbury

Parents Noah/Ann                        Parents George/Elizabeth

Married 6 Nov 1869 at Dewsbury, All Saints
James (age 21, clothier, Batley Carr); Ruth (age 21, Batley Carr)
(James' father : clothier; Ruth's father : labourer)

Witnesses Noah LEE     James' bother   
          Ellen LEE    James' sister

Died 1902 (age 54)                        Died 1901 (age 53)
  at Dewsbury Reg. Dist.                    at Dewsbury Reg. Dist.


1851 Census  2324-574  Dewsbury, 417 Middle Road
George    Webster H M 27 coal miner           Dewsbury
Elizabeth Webster W M 27                      Thornhill
Mary      Webster D U  4                      Dewsbury
Ruth      WEBSTER D U  2                      Dewsbury
Ann       Webster D U  2m                     Dewsbury
1861 Census  3419-45  Dewsbury, 563 High Street
George    Webster H M 37 coal miner           Dewsbury
Elizabeth Webster W M 38                      Dewsbury !
Mary      Webster D U 14 wool piecer          Dewsbury
Ruth      WEBSTER D U 12 bobbin winder        Dewsbury
John Wm   Webster S U  5                      Dewsbury
Ann       Webster D U 10                      Dewsbury
1871 Census  4604  Dewsbury, Lidgate Lane
James     LEE     H M 22 woollen weaver       Bradford!
Ruth      LEE     W M 22 woollen weaver       Dewsbury  
John      Lee     S -  1                      Dewsbury
1881 Census  4563-89  Dewsbury, South Road
James     LEE     H M 32 woollen weaver       Leeds!
Ruth      LEE     W M 32                      Dewsbury
Noah      Lee     S -  9                      Batley Carr
George E  Lee     S -  3                      Batley Carr
1891 Census  3734-74  Dewsbury, 15 Elmwood Street
James     LEE     H M 42 woollen cloth weaver Dewsbury!
Ruth      LEE     W M 42                      Dewsbury
Noah      Lee     S S 19 bottle taker in      Dewsbury
George    Lee     S - 13                      Dewsbury  deaf & dumb from 2 years
Florence  Lee     D -  8 scholar              Dewsbury
James     Lee     S -  2                      Dewsbury
1901 Census  4268-47  Dewsbury, 15 Kenwood Street
James     LEE     H M 52 rug/weaver carpet    Dewsbury!
Ruth      LEE     W M 51 rug/weaver carpet    Dewsbury
Florence  Lee     D S 18 rug/weaver carpet    Dewsbury
Noah      Lee     S S 28 rug/weaver carpet    Dewsbury
George E  Lee     S S 23 cobbler bootm        Dewsbury
James     Lee     S S 12                      Dewsbury deaf & dumb childhood
Their son James :
James LEE (age 21, son of James) married Susannah WILLIAMS (age 20, dau of William)
25 Dec 1909, at Ditton, St Michael
1911 Census      Ditton, St Michaels Road
Margaret Ann Williams H   W 53 midwife          Liverpool
Joshua       Williams S   S 22 general labourer Ditton
Sarah Alice  Williams D   S 16                  Ditton
Mary         Williams D   - 14                  Ditton
James        LEE      S/L M 22 labourer tanners Dewsbury YKS
Susanha!     LEE      D   M 19                  Ditton
Margaret     Lee      G/D -  1                  Ditton