Revised 25/01/2018


Jarvis BODDY                           Sarah ALDERSON
Born 1830                              Born 1821
  at York                                at Upper Helmsley

Bapt 19 Sep 1830
  at York, Micklegate, Holy Trinity

Parents William/Amelia                 Parents Christopher/

Married 26 Feb 1866 at York, St Olave
Groom (widower) of Acomb; bride of Bootham

Witnesses Wm TOPHAM               -
          George GILL             parish clerk

Died 1902 (age 72)                     Died 1891 (age 70)
  at Acomb                               at York

Bu'd 28 Oct 1902                       Buried 30 Jun 1891
  at Acomb, St Stephen                   at Acomb, St Stephen

Remarks :
Jarvis previously married 1. Mary Tomlinson

Addresses :
1881    Acomb (Jarvis  farm labourer)
1881    York, Mansion House (Sarah, cook)
1891    Acomb, Severus View (railway labourer)
1901                        (railway labourer)
1871 Census  4743  Huntington, Malton Road
Jarvis    BODDY    H   M 44 groom and gardener      Beechwood
Sarah     BODDY    W   M 48                         [blank]
Henrietta Boyens   Nc  -  5m                        Harrogate 
1881 Census  4323-25  Acomb
Jarvis    BODDY    H   M 50 farm lab                York
Elizabeth Boddy    D   U 19 genl servant dom        Acomb
Henrietta Boddy    D   - 10 scholar                 Acomb
1881 Census  4717-101  York, Mansion House
John S    Rowntree H   M 46 Lord Mayor & tea dealer York
          and family, plus :
Sarah     BODDY    Sv  M 59 cook                    Upper Helmsley
1891 Census  3517-8  Acomb, Severus View
Jarvis    BODDY    H   M 60 railway lab             York
Sarah     BODDY    W   M 70                         Upper Helmsley
Henrietta Boyens   Nc  S 20                         Harrogate
1901 Census  4048-26  York, Acomb, 5 Severus View
Jarvis    BODDY    H   W 70 railway labourer        York
Elizabeth Cummings Sis W 73 housekeeper domestic    York