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[NEBA061] --- the Ephraimite m. Zeruah
. [NEBA071] Nebat the Ephraimite &. Sanya the harlot his mistress
. . [NEBA081] King Jeroboam I of Israel m. [MESH082] Princess Karamat of Egypt
. . . [NEBA091] Shihi m. ?
. . . . [NEBA102] Azuba bat Shilhi m. [SOLO101] King Asa of Judah

[NEBA061] --- (an Ephraimite) married Zeruah.

[NEBA071] Nebat, an Ephraimite of Zeredah, and servant of King Solomon, married [ISRA602] Zeruiah/Cerouya (half-sister of [ISRA601] King David). He also had a mistress, Sariya the harlot.

[NEBA081] Jeroboam I (illegitimate son of Nebat, by Sariya), an Ephraimite, married [MESH082] Karamat (daughter of King Shishak, see EGYPT KINGDOM). He was King of Israel (922-901BCE), 1st king of Israel's 3rd Dynasty. King Shishak of Egypt (943-922BCE), was an ally of King Jeroboam of Israel, but an enemy of King Rehoboam of Judah.

Shishak attacked Jerusalem (in Judah) and plundered the temple of its riches (925BCE). Afterwards King Jeroboam fled to Egypt to escape the wrath of King Rehoboam. Later, Jeroboam's wife Karamat fled south to Judah for refuge during the massacre of King Jeroboam’s House by the usurper Baasha.

[NEBA091] Shilhi (son [but possibly grandson] of Jeroboam).

NEBA102] Azuba (daughter of Shilhi) married [SOLO101] King Asa (see JUDAH KINGDOM).

There were two cases of army generals usurping the throne of Israel,
Omri and Jehu, who could have been related.


[OMRI101] King Omri of Israel m. ?
. [OMRI111] King Ahab of Israel m. [TYRE112] Princess Jezebel of Tyre
. . [OMRI221] Princess Athalis of Israel m. [SOLO121] King Jehoram of Judah

[OMRI101] Omri, an army commander, became King of Israel (c.885-74BCE).

[OMRI111] Ahab (son of Omri), married [TYRE112] Phoenician Princess Jezebel (daughter of [TYRE101] King Ithobaal I, who ruled Tyre, c.887-856BCE).

Ahab was King of Israel (c.874-841BCE). Together with his family, he was put to death in a coup led by General Jehu, who then became king (see under HOUSE OF JEHU below).

[OMRI122] Athalia (daughter of Ahab) married [SOLO121] King Jehoram (see JUDAH KINGDOM).


[JEHU111] Nimshi m. ?
. [JEHU121] Jeshoshaphat m. ?
. . [JEHU131] King Jehu of Israel m. ?
. . . [JEHU141] King Jehoahaz of Israel m. ?
. . . . [JEHU151] King Jehoash of Israel m. ?
. . . . . [JEHU161] King Jeroboam II of Israel m. ?
. . . . . . [JEHU171] King Zechariah of Israel m. ?
. . . . . . . [JEHU182] Abijah bat Zechariah m. [SOLO181] King Ahaz of Judah

[JEHU111] Nimshi.

[JEHU121] Jeshoshaphat.

[JEHU131] Jehu, a General, led a coup against King Ahab (see above under HOUSE OF OMRI above). Jehu was then King of Israel (c.842-814BCE).

This was followed by a series of wars which ultimately led to the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel (721BCE) and its population dispersal, mostly to Judah.

[JEHU141] Jehoahaz, King of Israel (c.814-c.800BCE).

[JEHU151] Jehoash, King of Israel (c.801-786BCE).

[JEHU161] Jeroboam II, King of Israel (786-746BCE).

[JEHU171] Zechariah, King of Israel (746-745BCE). He ruled for 6 months, before being usurped by Shallum, who had him put to death.

[JEHU182] Abijah (daughter & heiress of Zechariah) married [SOLO181] King Ahaz (see JUDAH KINGDOM).