Revised 09/02/2020


Job PARKER                             Fanny SAUNDERS
Born 1827                              Born 1831
  at Heveningham (SFK)                   at Earls Colne (ESS)

Bapt 2 Dec 1827                        Baptised 5 Jun 1831
  at Heveningham, St Margaret            at Earls Colne St Andrew

Parents Daniel/Susan                   Parents Samuel/Hannah

Married 24 Nov 1849 at Coggeshall (Ess), St Peter-ad-Vincula
Labourer; bride (age 20)
(both fathers : labourers)

Witnesses Mary Ann AMOS           dtr of Joseph/Harriet (c 27/3/25 Cogg. Indep.)
          Samuel SAUNDERS         Fanny's brother

Died 1889 (age 62)                     Died 1908 (age 80)
  at Braintree Reg. Dist.                at Braintree Reg. Dist.

Addresses :
1851    Halstead, Burtons Green (agric labourer)
1861    Great Coggeshall, Crowlands (agric labourer)
1871                                (agric labourer)
1881    Bradwell juxta Coggeshall, Bradwell Mill (farm bailiff)
1891    Little Coggeshall (Fanny, widow)
1901                      (Fanny)

Children :
Arthur Job           b Coggeshall (1850); m. Emma Smith
Ann                  b Coggeshall
Elizabeth  Charlotte b Coggeshall (1855); possibly m. (1873) William May
1841 Census  335/4-13  Great Coggeshall (ESS)
Samuel    Saunders     45 ag lab
Hannah    Saunders     46
Sarah     Saunders     20 tamb worker
Saml      Saunders     15 ag lab
James     Saunders     13
Fanny     SAUNDERS      9
Willm     Saunders      8
Eliza     Saunders      1
1851 Census  1781-176  Halstead (ESS), Burtons Green
Job       PARKER  H  M 23 ag lab Halesworth!  SFK
Fanny     PARKER  W  M 21                     Earls Colne
Arthur    Parker  S  - 10m                    Coggeshall
1861 Census  1109-36  Great Coggeshall, Crowlands
Job       PARKER  H  M 33 ag lab              Havenham  SFK
Fanny     PARKER  W  M 29 laundress           Earls Colne
Arthur    Parker  S  - 10 scholar             Coggeshall
Ann       Parker  D  -  8 scholar             Coggeshall
Elizabeth Parker  D  -  6 scholar             Coggeshall
1871 Census  1696-37  Great Coggeshall, Crowlands
Job       PARKER  H  M 43 ag lab              Havenham  SFK
Fanny     PARKER  W  M 40                     Earls Colne
Arthur J  Parker  S  U 20 ag lab              Gt Coggeshall
1871 Census  1692-12  Feering (ESS), Hop Green Farm
John      Quilter H  U 60 farmer              Feering
Eliza     Bugg    Sv U 49 housekeeper         Aldham
Elizabeth Parker  Sv - 16 genl servant dom    Coggeshall
1881 Census  1806-134  Bradwell juxta Coggeshall (ESS), Bradwell Mill
Job       PARKER  H  M 53 farm bailiff        Havenham,  SFK
Fanny     PARKER  W  M 50 dairy worker        Earls Colne
1891 Census  1423-79  Little Coggeshall, Public House
Arthur J  Parker  H  M 40 licensed victualler Gt Coggeshall
          and family, plus :
Fanny     PARKER  Mr W 58 living on own means Gt Tey
1901 Census  1724-82  Little Coggeshall
Fanny     PARKER  H  W 71                     Colne