Revised 25/01/2018


John BODDY                             Jane Calvert DOOBY
Born 1819                              Born 1842
  at Grewelthorpe                        at Hull

Bapt 18 Apr 1819
  at Kirkby Malzeard, St Andrew

Parents Gill/Elizabeth                 Parents John/Sarah

Married 22 Sep 1864 at Paull, Sts Mary & Andrew
Tallow Merchant of Leeds (widower); bride of Thorngumbald

Witnesses Gill BODDY              John's brother
          John Farrer BUTLER      -

Died 9 Mar 1880 (age 61)               Died 28 Jul 1897 (age 54)
  at Harrogate                           at Spilsby (LIN), West End Villas

Remarks :
John previously married 1. Mary Fox

Addresses :
1863-65 Leeds, New Leeds, Albion Villa
1865-66        Potternewton, Spencer Street
1866           New Leeds, Spencer Place (tallow chandler)
1867           Cooper Street
1868-69 Swine, Ganstead, Ganstead House (gentleman)
1870                     Ganstead Hall (gentleman)
1871                     (farmer)
1881    Harrogate, South Park, Princess Villa (widow, gentlewoman)
1891               South Park Road, "Ganstead" (widow)
1897               Clarence Drive, "Hollybank"

Children :
Edith            b 9/65 Leeds; buried 7/10/65 Beckett Street Cemetery (age 17d)
John Herbert     b 1866; buried 9/3/67 Beckett Street Cemetery (age 5m)
Nora Mary        b 1868 Ganstead; c 14/1/69 Swine; m. Arthur Rigby Turner
Mabel            b 8/70 Ganstead; c 7/8/70 Swine; m. Frederic John Dixon
1851 Census not located
1861 Census  3598-24  Thorngumbald
John F       Butter   H      M 74 farmer                      Hedon
Sarah        Dooby    Nc     M 37 housekeeper                 Hull
Jane         DOOBY    Nc     U 19 resident niece              Hull
1871 Census  4801-11  Swine, Ganstead
John         BODDY    H      M 52 farmer                      Thorp Moor
Jane Calvert BODDY    W      M 29                             Hull
Nora Mary    Boddy    D      -  2                             Ganstead
Mabel        Boddy    D      -  8m                            Ganstead
Mary Ann     Crosby   Cousin U 35                             Hull
1881 Census  4328-13  Harrogate, South Park, Princess Villa
Jane Calvert BODDY    H      W 38 gentlewoman   Hull
Nora Mary    Boddy    D      - 12                             Ganstead
Mabel        Boddy    D      - 10                             Ganstead
Ethel        Dennis   Nc     - 11                             Thorngumbald
Susan        Dover    Gv       36 governess                   Recheal
Sarah        Dooby    Mr     W 56 gentlewoman                 Hull
1891 Census  3520-95  Harrogate, South Park Road, "Ganstead"
Jane Calvert BODDY    H      W 48 living on own means         Hull
Mabel        Boddy    D      S 20                             Hull
1901 Census  4060-43  Bramhope, Holland Mt Home 
Arthur R     Turner   H      M 38 ironmonger                  Leeds
Nora M       Turner   W      M 32                             Ganstead
Doris B      Turner   D      -  9                             Harrogate
Phyllis B    Turner   D      -  6                             Harrogate
Gladys B     Turner   D      -  3                             Harrogate
John B       Turner   S      - 5m                             Bramhope
Sarah        Dooby    G/Mr/L W 74 visitor living on own means Hull [grandmother in law]
Parker       Sugden   Vis    S 20 groom domestic              Bingley
John         Bradley  Sv     S 18 groom domestic              Scarboro
Anne         Charlton Sv     S 21 cook domestic               York
Mary H       Anderson Sv     S 27 housemaid domestic          Bramhope