Revised 25/01/2018


John HINDLE                            Mary Ann BAXTER
Born 1850 at Shipley                   Born 1859 at Eccleshill

Parents James/Sarah                    Parents William/Caroline

Married 29 Nov 1880 at Bradford, St Peter
Butcher of Victoria Buildings Shipley, father : joiner;
bride Worsted Stuff Weaver of Ives Street Shipley  father : cloth weaver

Witnesses James HARKER            -
          Ann HARKER              -

                                       Died 1866 (age 27)
                                         at Bradford Reg. Dist.

Remarks :
John afterwards married 2. (2/8/1890, Bradford St Peter) Mary Elizabeth Midgley

Addresses :
1881    Shipley, 18 Victoria Buildings (stuff weaver)
1891             18 Hanson Street (wool washer)

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Joshua           b 1881 Shipley
1851 Census  2312  Shipley, Stocks Hill
James      Hindle H  M 42 joiner                    Burley
Sarah      Hindle W  M 40                           Shipley
Christiana Hindle D  U 18 power loom weaver worsted Shipley
Charles    Hindle S  -  4 scholar                   Shipley
John       HINDLE S  -  1                           Shipley
1861 Census  3340-73  Shipley, Kirkgate
James      Hindle H  M 53 joiner                    Burley
Sarah      Hindle W  M 51                           Shipley
Christiana Hindle D  U 28 worsted power weaver      Shipley
Charles    Hindle S  U 22 joiner                    Shipley
John       HINDLE S  U 11 scholar                   Shipley
1871 Census  4498-23  Shipley, 19 Victoria Building
Christiana Hindle H  U 38 worsted weaver            Heaton  
Charles    Hindle Br U 32 joiner                    Shipley
John       HINDLE Br U 21 butcher                   Shipley
1881 Census  4474-7  Shipley, 18 Victoria Buildings
John       HINDLE H  M 30 stuff wvr                 Shipley
Mary A     HINDLE W  M 22 wstd wvr                  Eccleshill
Christiana Hindle Sr U 47 wstd wvr                  Shipley
1891 Census  3649-53  Shipley, 18 Hanson Street
John       HINDLE H  M 39 wool washer               Shipley
Mary       HINDLE W  M 38 box mender                Haworth
Joshua     Hindle S  -  9                           Shipley