Revised 25/01/2018


John JOWETT                            Eliza PEARSON
Born 1862                              Born 29 Aug 1855
  at Queensbury                          at Wortley

Parents William/Hannah Maria           Parents Joseph Dean/Emma   

Married 24 Dec 1891 at Liverpool


1871 Census  4424-111 Northowram, Scotts Building
William      Jowett  H  M 26 wire drawer      Ovenden
Hannah M     Jowett  W  M 26                  Northowram
John         JOWETT  S  -  7 scholar          Ovenden
Mary A       Jowett  D  -  5 nurse girl       Cleckheaton
Clara        Jowett  D  -  4 scholar          Cleckheaton
1881 Census  4419-41  Ovenden, Wheatley Road
William      Jowett  H  M 36 wire drawer      Ovenden
Hannah Maria Jowett  W  M 36                  Halifax
John         JOWETT  S  U 17 wire drawer      Ovenden
Mary Hannah  Jowett  D  U 15 worsted minder   Cleckheaton Birstall
Clara        Jowett  D  U 13 worsted spinner  Cleckheaton Birstall
Isaac Albert Jowett  S  U 10 scholar          Cleckheaton Birstall
Harry        Jowett  S  U  9 scholar          Halifax
Annie        Jowett  D  -  8 scholar          Halifax
Emma         Jowett  D  -  5 scholar          Halifax
Lily         Jowett  D  -  3 infant           Halifax
1891 Census  2982  Great Crosby (LAN), 30 Mersey View
Joseph D     Pearson H  M 65                  Leeds YKS
Ann          Pearson W  M 48                  Bramham YKS
             and family, including
Eliza        PEARSON D  S 35                  Leeds
1891 Census  3587  Halifax, Kirkgate
Henry        Briggs  H  M 61 carpet weaver    Halifax
             and family, plus lodgers including
John         JOWETT  Lr S 29 taker up worsted Halifax
1901 Census  4340  Sheffield, 186 Northfield Road
John         JOWETT
  H  M 38 coach painter    Qeensbury
Eliza        JOWETT  W  M 45                  Armley
Mary E       Jowett  D  -  8                  Liverpool LAN
Eleanor P    Jowett  D  -  6                  Liverpool
1911 Census         Sheffield, Ecclesall, 215 Heavygate Road
John         JOWETT  H  M 49 waggon painter   Halifax
Eliza        JOWETT  W  M 55                  Leeds
Mary Emma    Jowett  D  S 18 nurse domestic   Liverpool LAN
Eleanor      Jowett  D  S 16 nurse domestic   Liverpool