Revised 25/01/2018


John METCALF                           Ann WHINCUP
Born 29 Mar 1831                       Born 1841
  at Armley                              at Newton on Ouse

Bapt 29 May 1831                       Baptised 26 Aug 1841
  at Armley, St Bartholomew              at Newton on Ouse, All Saints

Parents James/Ann                      Parents Robert/Jane

Married 30 Mar 1863 at Leeds, St Peter
Clothier of Armley; bride of Lodge Street but living at Scotton, Knaresboro
(John's father : clothier; bride's father : platelayer)

Witness John NICHOLSON

Died 1878 (age 48)                     Died 27 Aug 1866 (age 25)
  at Hunslet                             at Holbeck, 37 Cemetery Road

Bu'd 31 Dec 1878 (grave Q10)           Buried 29 Aug 1866 (grave Q10)
  at Armley, St Bartholomew              at Armley, St Bartholomew

Remarks :
John afterwards married 2. Henrietta Wren

Addresses :
1864    Armley (clothier)
1866    Hunslet, 72 Church Street (grocer)
1866    (Ann died at Holbeck, Cemetery Road, her parents' house)

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Orlando          b 1864; c 25/12/64 Armley; m. Sarah Jane Linford
Arthur           b 4/1/1866 Hunslet; c 13/11/70 New Wortley; m. Ethelda Barraclough
1841 Census  1241/8-10  Newton upon Ouse
Robe   Whincup      25 ag lab       Y
Jane   Whincup      19              Y
1851 Census  2283-88  Knaresborough, Jockey Lane
Robert Whincup H  M 38 rail labr    Ribston
Jane   Whincup W  M 29              Newton upon Ouse
Ann    WHINCUP D  - 10 scholar      Newton upon Ouse
John   Paker   Lr U 22 rail labr    N.K.
1861 Census  3540-93 Thorpe Arch, Grange School
Servants including:
Ann    WHINCUP Sv U 23 cook         Newton on Ouse