Revised 25/01/2018


John PARKER                            Susannah LEECH
Born 1822                              Born 1835
  at Huntingfield (SFK)                   Nacton (SFK)

Bapt 9 Jun 1822
  at Huntingfield, St Mary

Parents John/Elizabeth                 Parents Robert/Maria
Married probably 1853
  at Thetford Reg. Dist.
Remarks :
There is no proof of a marriage between John PARKER and Susannah LEECH, but
she was the only suitable Susannah living in Nacton at the 1841 census.
Nacton is near Ipswich

Addresses :
1851    Framlingham (journeyman shoemaker)
1861    Wetheringsett (police constable)
1871    Mendlesham (police constable)
1881    Gislingham, Mill Street (superannuated police)
1841 Census  1021/7-13  Nacton (SFK)
Robert    Leech         40 miller j
Maria     Leech         35
Robert    Leech         10
Alfred    Leech         10
Fredric   Leech          9
Susannah  LEECH          7
1851 Census  1801-4  Tuddenham St Martin (SFK)
Robert    Leech   H   M 54 miller journeyman     Charsfield
Maria     Leech   W   M 48                       Nacton
Freddie   Leech   S   - 19 carpenter's app       Nacton
Susannah  LEECH   D   - 16                       Nacton
1841 Census  1016/10-7  Sibton (SFK)
William   Goddard       27 shoe maker
Susan     Goddard       27
Betsy     Goddard        1
John      PARKER        15 shoe m. app.
1851 Census            Framlingham (SFK)
John      Cooper  H   M 26 master shoe maker     Framlingham
Charlotte Cooper  W   M 32                       Walpole
          and family plus
John      PARKER  Vis U 26 journeyman shoe maker Huntingfield  [Charlotte's brother]
1861 Census  1148-152  Wetheringsett (SFK), Blacksmiths Green
John      PARKER  H   M 37 police constable      Huntingfield
Susannah  PARKER  W   M 26                       Nacton
1871 Census  1735-77  Mendlesham (SFK)
John      PARKER  H   M 48 police constable      Huntingfield
Susannah  PARKER  W   M 36                       Nacton
1881 Census  1853-30  Gislingham (SFK), Mill Street
John      PARKER  H  W 59 superannuated police   Huntingfield
Mary L    Parker  Nc U 33 housekeeper            Cookley [dau. of James/Louisa]
Mary Louisa was the niece of Louisa Parker, John's wife