Revised 25/01/2018


John RHODES                            Mary LAMBERT
Born 1794 at Manningham                Born 1791

Bapt 06 Jul 1794
  at Bradford, St Peter

Parents Joshua/Hannah
Married 27 Nov 1814 at Bingley, All Saints
Stone Mason

Witnesses Hezekiah BRIGG
          Thos SMITH
                                       Died 29 Oct 1826 (age 33)    
                                       Buried 1 Nov 1826
                                         at Horton Lane Independent

Remarks :
John afterwards married Catherine Kirshaw
John and his brother Isaac appear in the Pigot's (1834) Directory 
  as Stone Masons at John Street

Addresses :
1815-24 Manningham

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Christiana       b 9/5/15 Manningham; c 22/6/15 Horton Lane Independent; m. William Garrett
Dorcas           b 25/6/17 Manningham; c 11/8/17 Horton Lane Independent;
                 d 30/8/37; buried Horton Lane Independent (age 20)
Esther           b 13/9/18 Manningham; c 28/12/18 Horton Lane Independent; d 8/4/21; 
                 buried 10/4/21 Horton Lane Independent (age 1y4m)
John             b 1820 Manningham; d Manningham; buried 20/6/20 Bradford (age 3w)
Elizabeth        b 9/1/22 Manningham; c 10/4/22 Horton Lane Independent
Hannah           b 16/2/24 Manningham; c 25/5/24 Horton Lane Independent; m. John Rhodes