Revised 25/01/2018


John Wainman PICKARD                    Mary Alice CROMPTON
Born 20 Apr 1871                        Born 1879 [or 1877]
  at Armley                               at Bolton LAN

Baptised 2 Jul 1871
  at Armley, St Bartholomew

Parents Thomas/Selina                   Parents William/Mary

Married 8 Apr 1901 at Armley, St Bartholomew
Clicker (age 29, of Armley); bride (age 23, of Armley)
(John's father : clicker; bride's father : joiner)

Witnesses Harry J MUSGRAVE
          Louisa CROMPTON

Died 1951 (age 80)                      Died 1961 (age 83) ?
                                          Yeadon, 9 Carlisle Road

Ashes scattered 9 Jul 1951              Ashes scattered 9 Apr 1961 ?
  at Oldfield Lane Cemetery (W102)        at Oldfield Lane Cemetery (W102)


1881 Census   3834-143  Bolton LAN, Little Bolton, 52 Rhyl Street
William          Crompton H   M 43 general labourer      Bolton
Mary             Crompton W   M 43                       Bolton
John             Crompton S   U 21 iron planer           Bolton
Hannah           Crompton D   U 18 cotton frame tenter   Bolton
Mary A           CROMPTON D   -  1                       [blank]
1891 Census  3115  Bolton, Little Bolton, 67 Boardman Street
Wm               Crompton H   M 52 labourer general      Bolton
Mary             Crompton W   M 52                       Bolton
Hannah           Crompton D   S 28 card frame tenter     Bolton
Mary Alice       CROMPTON D   S 11                       Bolton
Sarah Ann        Hartley  Nc  S 18 sewing machinist      Bolton
W Hy             Hartley  Nw  S 16 wood turner app       Bolton
Albert Edwd      Hartley  Nw  S 14 butcher's ap          Bolton
1901 Census  3620  Bolton, 67 Boardman Street
William          Crompton H   M 62                       Bolton
Mary             Crompton W   M 61                       Bolton 
Hannah           Crompton D   S 38 cotton card hand      Bolton
Mary A           CROMPTON D   S 21 cotton card hand      Bolton
Albert E         Hartley  Nw  S 24 machine spindle maker Bolton
1901 Census  4214  Armley, 22 Highthorne Street
John W           PICKARD  H   S 29 bookeeper             Armley
Hannah Elizabeth Pickard  Sis S 22                       Wortley
1911 Census          Guiseley, 7 West End Terrace
John Wainman     PICKARD  H   M 39 clicker               Armley
Mary Alice       PICKARD  W   M 33                       Bolton LAN