Revised 25/01/2018


Joseph Dean PEARSON                     Emma WAINMAN
Born 29 Dec 1829                        Born 1832
  at Leeds                               at Armley

Bapt 31 Jan 1830                        Baptised 4 Nov 1832
  at  ?                                   at Armley St Bartholomew

Parents Joseph/Mary                     Parents John/Elizabeth

Married 25 Dec 1852 at Leeds, St Peter
Firebrick Maker of Wortley; bride (age 20) of Armley
(Joseph Dean's father : commercial traveller; bride's father : clothier)

Witnesses Sarah HUDSON
          Edwin NICHOLSON

Died 3 Nov 1893 (age 64)                Died 19 Jun 1867 (age 34)
  at Liverpool, Crosby                    at Armley

                                        Buried 22 Jun 1867 (grave I306)
                                          at Wortley, Oldfield Lane Cemetery
Remarks :
Joseph Dean afterwards married 2. Ann Hague (born Bramham) 2/5/68 Leeds, St Peter

Addresses :
1861      Armley, Wingate Road (wife only)
1871      Leeds
1873-80   Liverpool, Crosby, Waterloo
1881                         33 Albert Road (agent for Fire Brick Coy)

Children :

Mary Elizabeth   b 17/8/53 Armley; m. Trees Stevenson
Eliza            b 29/8/55 Wortley; m. John Jowett
Arthur H         b 1870 Armley
Eleanor D        b 1871 Leeds
Albert Burton    b 1873 Waterloo
Clara            b 1876 Waterloo
Joseph L Harold  b 1878 Waterloo
Florence Annie   b 1881 Waterloo
Edith May        b 1884 Blundellsands
John Hartby      b 1889 Blundellsands  


1841 Census 1350/1-5 Wortley, Upper Wortley
Joseph          Pearson       35 brick maker
Mary            Pearson       40
Joseph          PEARSON       11 wln dresser j.
Mary            Pearson        9
Sarah           Pearson       15
James           Pearson        4
James           Deane         20 wln carder
1851 Census 2314-223 Wortley, Moorside
Joseph          Pearson H   M 49 firebrick agent                    Wortley
Mary            Pearson W   M 50                                    Leeds
Sarah           Pearson D   U 25 dress maker                        Leeds
Joseph D        PEARSON S   U 21 brick maker                        Leeds
Mary            Pearson D   U 19 boys cap maker                     Leeds
James           Pearson S   - 14 outdoor apprentice                 Leeds
Margaret A      Pearson D   -  8 scholar                            Wortley

Joseph Pearson = Emma Wainman

1861 Census not located
Joseph          PEARSON     M 31
1861 Census 3351-4 Armley, Wingate Road
Joseph          Pearson H   M 59 firebrick mkr; local Meth preacher Wortley
Mary            Pearson W   M 60                                    Leeds
William         Scott   S/L M 19 wood pattern maker                 Leeds
Margaret A F    Scott   D   M 18                                    Wortley
Emily           Scott   G/D -  1m                                   Armley
Emma            PEARSON D/L M 28                                    Armley
Mary E          Pearson G/D -  7 scholar                            Armley
Eliza           Pearson G/D -  5 scholar                            Wortley

Joseph Pearson = Ann Hague

1871 Census  4568  Leeds, 7 Queen Street
Joseph D        PEARSON H   M 41 agent                              Leeds
Ann             PEARSON W   M 28                                    Bramham
Mary E          Pearson D   U 17 dressmaker                         Armley
Eliza           Pearson S   U 15 scholar                            Wortley
Arthur H        Pearson S   -  1                                    Leeds
1881 Census 3695-50 Liverpool (LAN), Great Crosby, 33 Albert Road
Joseph D        PEARSON H   M 51 agent for Fire Brick Coy           Leeds YKS
Ann             PEARSON W   M 38                                    Bramham YKS
Eliza           Pearson D   U 25                                    Armley YKS
Arthur H        Pearson S   - 11 scholar                            Leeds
Eleanor D       Pearson D   -  9 scholar                            Leeds
Albert B        Pearson S   -  8 scholar                            Waterloo
Clara           Pearson D   -  5 scholar                            Waterloo
Joseph H        Pearson S   -  3 scholar                            Waterloo
Florence A      Pearson D   -  4m                                   Waterloo
1891 Census  2982  Great Crosby (LAN), 30 Mersey View
Joseph D        PEARSON H   M 65 manager clog goods                 Leeds YKS
Ann             PEARSON W   M 48                                    Bramham YKS
Eliza           Pearson D   S 35                                    Leeds
Arthur N        Pearson S   S 22 timber salesman                    Leeds
Albert B        Pearson S   S 18 timber salesman                    Waterloo
Clara           Pearson D   - 15                                    Waterloo
Joseph H        Pearson S   - 13 scholar                            Waterloo
Florence A      Pearson D   - 10 scholar                            Waterloo
Edith M         Pearson D   -  7 scholar                            Waterloo
John H          Pearson S   -  2                                    Waterloo
1901 Census  3453-38  Liverpool, Walton on the Hill, 3 Makin Street
Annie           PEARSON H   W 58                                    Bramham YKS
Albert Burton   Pearson S   S 28 timber salesman                    Waterloo
Joseph L Harold Pearson S   S 23 engineer's fitter                  Waterloo
Florence Annie  Pearson D   S 20                                    Waterloo
Edith May       Pearson D   S 17 confectioner improver              Blundellsands
John Hartby     Pearson S   S 12                                    Blundellsands
1911 Census        Liverpool, Blundellsands, 30 Mersey Drive
Annie           PEARSON H   W 68                                    Bramham YKS
Edith M         Pearson D   S 27 confectioner's assistant           Blundellsands
John H          Pearson S   S 22 joiner                             Blundellsands