Revised 25/01/2018


Joseph FLETCHER                        Mary Alice METCALF
Born 1889                              Born 21 Dec 1888
  at Farnley                              at Wortley

                                       Baptised 20 Jan 1889
                                         at Leeds, Silver Royd Hill PM

Parents Walter/Sarah Ann               Parents James/Margaret

Married 24 Mar 1917 at Leeds, Silver Royd Hill Primitive Methodist
Iron Moulder of 8 Edinburgh Terrace  father : fettler ;
bride woollen cloth weaver of 34 Stanley View, father : miner

Witnesses Doris BOLLON            -
          James METCALF           Mary Alice's father

Remarks :
Mary Alice afterwards married 2. John William Palfreyman
1891 Census  3680-18  Leeds, Farnley, 153 Gilbertroyd
Walter    Fletcher H M 32 willyer & fettler          Farnley
Sarah M   Fletcher W M 31                            Farnley 
Annie     Fletcher D S 11 scholar                    Farnley 
Herbert   Fletcher S - 10 scholar                    Farnley 
Ada       Fletcher D -  8 scholar                    Farnley
Ada E !   Fletcher D -  6 scholar                    Farnley
Edith     Fletcher D -  3 scholar                    Farnley
Joseph    FLETCHER S -  1                            Farnley
1901 Census  4211-86  Leeds, Farnley, 3 Nutting Grove Cottages
Walter    Fletcher H M 42 fettler woollen machine    Leeds
Sarah A   Fletcher W M 41                            Leeds
Herbert   Fletcher S S 20 apprentice currier         Leeds
Ada       Fletcher D S 18 woollen piecer             Leeds 
Edith     Fletcher D S 13 woollen piecer             Leeds
Joseph    FLETCHER S - 11                            Leeds
Harry     Fletcher S -  9                            Leeds
Maggie    Fletcher D -  3                            Leeds
1911 Census         Leeds, Armley, Town Street, 8 Edinburgh Terrace
Joseph    Fletcher H M 53 woollen fettler            Leeds
Sarah Ann Fletcher W M 52                            Leeds
Ada Ellen Fletcher D S 27 woollen weaver             Leeds
Edith     Fletcher D S 25 woollen weaver             Leeds
Joseph    FLETCHER S S 22 iron moulder               Leeds
Harry     Fletcher S S 20 engine cleaner L.N.W.R.Co. Leeds
Maggie    Fletcher D S 14                            Leeds